TRJ - November 2022 - It's nobody's Dirty Business + The Needle & The Damage Done

I really enjoyed the Tjeerd such great playing and singing :clap:t2:

Somehere around 1978, I lived in a students apartment, and a female medical student who also lived there was very much involved in supporting a heroin addict, who sometimes came by, also when things were not going all that well… Enough said, I was motivated to try and learn this particular song, which I revisited after 44 years.


Fantastic Tjeerd. One of the songs on my list to learn. Lovely rendition!!!

I didn’t know this particular song, and the topic is not one that you can say “oh, I enjoyed it!” But what I can say is that the feeling of it and that experience you mentioned has been effectively expressed through music! Hard years those for heroin addiction and… I wasn’t born yet, but through the nineties we had a massive related sensibilation campaign.

Anyway, Bravo on your playing!

Excellent. One of my favourite Neil Young songs and you did a great job. I hope to learn it some day

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Ohi…yes…I also had a friend at Uni who was involved with a heroin addicted boyfriend…but I’m not finding the appropriate emoji to express my feeling.

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Very nice Tjeerd, One of the songs I used to play but not in the same context although it was for a friend; great rendition!

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Hi Tjeerd,

Playing sounds sweet as nut.
Nice work on the vocal.


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Well done. Such a hard tune to play and sing with all the picking and little hammer ons.


Really well played Tjeerd, on point with that one, well done sir. :sunglasses:

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Very nice tjeerd

I used to play that in the 70s too. I don’t think i ever made it through without mistakes, so hats off

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Super playing their Tjeerd. Lovely picking/strum style. You really got the NY guitar vibe. Your vocal made the song your own. Well done.

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Very nice Tjeerd, you really caught the emotion of the song.

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That was a very nice performance. :+1:

Is the sound from that acoustasonic unplugged or amplified?

Hi @kamkor, thank you for the kind words. The Acoustasonic (its a Player) was amped through an Acoustic Amp (Schertler Jam 100). It was 3 meters behind me, so it was easier to match the voice volume with the amp. But it may be that even then, some of the acoustasonic own tones came through the iPhone, which was equipped with the Mikey iPhone Microphone. I selected the small body Parlour setting for this one.

Thank you @SILVIA, I feel touched by your words in that you could relate to the experience. And thank you for the kind words on the playing.

Great Job @TRJ the playing sounded spot on to me, Nice relaxed confident vocal too :+1:

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A great rendition of a deep and meaningful Neil Young song. You did it justice. :clap::clap::clap:

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That’s one of my favourite Neil Young songs. Lovely rendition, really well done Tjeerd!

Excellent rendition of an alltime classic song, Tjeerd, conveyed all the emotion.

Have you tried rotating the phone through 90 degrees and recording in landscape orientation? I generally prefer that to portrait with the black bars on either side of the video.

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