Troggs fans, I need some help with lyrics to Evil

So, a long, long, time ago, in a land far away… mid 1960s, in my first youth, I bought a Troggs album, Wild Thing with A Girl Like You. The last song on side one is Evil. It is a great blues guitar number (and I think the best song on the record). I am starting to transcribe the piece and write down the lyrics but I am having some difficulty with a few words or phrases. Maybe it is some British slang that I just have not heard before. Anyway… I am hoping someone on this forum has the album and can help me out.
Here are the lyrics as I hear them with dashes for the words or phrases I just can’t seem to get:

Verse 1
Well warned you pretty baby about messin’ with me
I’m about as evil as any man can be
When I come to see you tryin’ to have a good time
------- gets scared and breaks into a run
Well I’m evil little darlin’
I’m so evil little darlin’
I’m so evil little darlin’
That my shadows to scared to follow me
Verse 2
Well I met a man today in the street
He said his name was preachin’ Pete
Said he ------ me on the jungle gym
Wrasslin’ grizzly bears in the hole that I’m in
Cool instrumental
Verse 3
Well a bartender --------- me and all down my hide
Lichter snichter (?) and I wadded up and died
Sixty inches across my chest
Don’t know nothin’ but the persons that’s best

This is such a cool little blues number and I really have a mind to learn how to play it.
Please help if you can.

This any help?


The first word sounds like “shadow” to me, and shadow is mentioned in the chorus as well. For the second, my guess is “Said he’d call me, oh, Jungle Jim”, so that both characters have alliteration in their names.

I think that in the third verse it’s not “bartender”, but something about a bar, and this bar is referred to as “sixty inches across my chest” as if the narrator was impaled. But that’s really just a guess.

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Excellent! I knew this forum would come through. I looked all over and could not come up with those lyrics.
Thank-you, thank-you!!!

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Boa constrictor

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That’s really useful, added to my favourites!

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