tRONd - April 2022 - Dancing in the dark + Pirate Looks At 43 (both (THR30 amp demos )+ Immortality (Pearl Jam) + Blå, Blå Kenslor (Tomas Ledin)

I really enjoyed your version of this song Trond. Just proves there are so many different ways to interpret a song. Well done.

As for the amp, the THR range look and sound terrific and the only reason I’ve not gone for one is because they don’t have an fx loop which I think is poor considering the cost. (although a workaround is possible).

That was great, Trond. Very well played and sang. I enjoyed that very much.

Hey, we’re going to need your Boss Katana if we ever go on that tour of the border country :rofl:

Another one smashed out of the park Trond. You’d never be able to tell that you’ve not been playing it for long.

Are you the fingerstyle king? I think you may just be.

Thanks Stefan :pray:

Im just noodling… so nope… no king here :rofl:

A quick take on another song, hopefully with a bit better sound from the amp and with a little more effects thrown in.
It is a little bit of hall effect and a bit more chorus effects.


That sounds good, Trond. The addition of chorus and reverb as you’ve done it is working well. And another fine rendition of the song.

This pirate, he’s gone from 40 to 43 pretty quick! :joy:

Just kidding. Sounded great, amp effects added a depth to it that wasn’t present before.

:rofl: im 43. Cant lie on my age anymore :rofl:

Im not convinced with effects on the amp. But maybe after i have used it a while…

Hi…beautiful this way…don’t get too addicted to chorus+reverb otherwise it’s like I’m in church all the time…and that’s exactly what I don’t like in life :angel:… …but wonderful with this song, and a little with more songs will probably be beautiful too …


You are aware of it … well done :smile:

Nahhh… i am very much in doubt on effects on acoustics Rogier. I have not decided yet if i like it….

What did you think of the tone of my acoustic in the OM, Trond?

Have to admit I liked the chorus and reverb on that one…you can always dial it back a little if you want less of it. Definitely get a better feel for the amp in this one Trond.

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Trond, hang in there, those FX sounded great on this particular song. Guess that’s the clue, each song has its own feel and benefits from subtle changes and different FX. Experimentation is the only way to go and now you have that amp, no reason and no excuse not to. Good share.

Actually David. Im with the others. The best sound ive heard from your guitar. So that was real good!

I really enjoyed that Trond. A different take on one of my favorite Buffet songs.

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I listened back to my acoustic recording from the open mic. I accidentally had chorus in and to me, my sound wasn’t good. Darn it. I was through a multi fx though, not an amp. With an amp you can hear if it sounds to your taste immediately.

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Yes. Youre right Toby. I need some time to figure out things and get used to it… im sure it will be better with time.

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Loving the hammer-ons in this one Trond. Timing is spot on.

Reverb is a personal taste thing, have a mess and see what sticks. Different levels for different songs.

On the Ultraviolence album by Lana Del Rey, her vocals are swamped with reverb to the point pain, but it suits the album and sounds good (to me anyway).

Very cool song there Tron! Again… Never heard of this song… Thought it was cool!! Nice effects going on to!