tRONd - April 2022 - Dancing in the dark + Pirate Looks At 43 (both (THR30 amp demos )+ Immortality (Pearl Jam) + Blå, Blå Kenslor (Tomas Ledin)

So…i started to mess around with this song last night, and i think it works, played the way its played.
So decided this morning to go for a 1 take record and put it out.

So i got lucky. Did not mess up too bad on the take, i have not played it many times so i needed to read the lyrics as i played.

But first and foremost this is a Demo/review of my new amp that i promised to do for some of you last week.

Well. The amp is versatile. It is for electric guitars, the acoustic setting on this one is just one setting of many. And it can do a lot to an electric guitar.

The recording has just a little bit of hall and reverb on it.

To be honest. I dont think an amped acoustic is even close to match an «clean» acoustic :grin:

That said. It is excellent to get your volumes up and out in bigger rooms etc.
That is the best review i can give it for the moment. I just havent used it enough. ( was a pretty bad review :rofl: but at least it is a demo following :grin: )


A Pirate Looks At 43 (THR demo)


Immortality - Pearl Jam


Blå, Blå Kenslor - Tomas Ledin


Sounding pretty good Trond for something you’ve only just started learning. The recording sounded good and the guitar definitely sounded good. I guess if you’re recording with a phone we’re getting the best of both worlds as we’re hearing both the natural guitar and amp’d guitar. All sounded good to me. I’m guessing you’ve got other effects on that amp…try adding in a little chorus you might like it.

Ah. Did not think about that Jason. But yes it sounds like its 50/50 guitar and amp.
I have to continue research the different settings. The chorus was on 0 so will try to mess around with it.

Very nice Trond, I really enjoyed your take on it!
Yeah I agree with Jason, a bit of Chorus would definitely sound nice, give it a bit more depth.

Super Trond, a song that I messed around with but never got to actually learning, maybe I’ll do my own take on it. :slight_smile:

Loved the fingerpicking slowed down vibe, perfect for an early morning coffee.

I don’t have a lot more to add since I don’t have a lot of technical knowledge about the amp/settings, but since you are clearly interested in recording yourself while singing I’d advice you to get a mic and start playing around with it (I got a USB mic for 30€ and sounds great to me), it also makes you more aware of your performance if you can listen to yourself through headphones at the same time.


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Thanks Kevin. I actually have a mic for the iphone. But i dont get used to play with headseat and hear myself. Maybe something to experiment with.

Thanks for rhe heads up on that :+1:

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I enjoyed your interpretation of the song, Trond. The picking and vocal suitably laid back, with a good sound and feeling.

As for the guitar I’d have thought it was your guitar recorded acoustic as you usually do.

Maybe you want to record some samples of the guitar acoustic and then through the amp with the volume turned up, even if it gets a little too loud for you to sing over.

Thank you for sharing this with us! I like this slow and very gentle version of this song. Seems to me as you’re progressing fast. I was one of them who asked about hearing your amp with the acoustic. So I really enjoyed this one, like your playing and voice!

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Thanks Andrea :pray:

Love this tune - thanks for sharing! :smiley:

Really nice take on it and you’ve also inspired me to try different styles of playing - thanks! :smiley:

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Hi Trond,
Simply delicious :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :cowboy_hat_face:

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Love it that i can inspire you to play songs and different styles! :pray:

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Thanks Rogier :pray:

Nice song Tron!! First time i have heard it but thought you did great with it! Thanks for sharing!

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Sounded pretty good Trond. Nice fingerpicking and chilled out vibe as per usual.

I saw you said you have a mic for your iPhone. Did you record this with it plugged in? It picked up your vocals pretty well.

Yes. I used this on this take. Had it for a week or so. Seems like it works quite well actually.
Something called «røde» do belive its made in your neck of the woods.

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What a great take on the original Trond. Loved the laid back approach and vibe.

Very nice, Trond. Well played and sang. I’m curious as to what amp that is. I’ve missed any other mention on your feeds. It looks like one of those Yamaha THRs.

Ahh… sorry!!
It is the Yamaha THRII30WL

It is a amp for electric guitars. But it has a setting for acoustics and Bass aswell…

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Wonderful version Trond, really like the slow vibe going here which is quite opposite to original. I do tend to like acoustic versions of various songs and this is no exception, kudos for being able to play that well after just small amount of practice. Means I am hopeless as it takes me almost forever to nail a song (and still get some bits wrong)! :grinning: all the best!