tRONd - April 2023 - Nose On The Grindstone (Tyler Childers)

This was great. I do like me some Tyler but was unfamiliar with this song, so thanks for sharing. Excellent playing and singing all around. What’s the new guitar? It looks and sounds beautiful!


Thanks a lot Tosh.
The guitar is an Martin 000-15sm :grin:

As always a treat to enjoy a song from the House of Trond.

Wonderful tone from the Martin, Trond, even through a simple mobile phone (I assume) recording.

Loved the hammer-on embellishment on the Dm.

Song has a Working Class Hero vibe to it for me. From the comments it sounds like Tyler Childers is a current artist and nothing wrong with channelling John Lennon (well, that song in particular plus a few more that I’d cherry pick).

Maybe you want to have a crack at Working Class Hero. I’m sure you’d deliver a fabulous rendition of that classic.

Funny that you say that David… i too had this «working class hero» feel when i first started to play it… so i know exactly what you mean… and yes. Thinking about it maybe the song is a little bit influenced by it :grin: but… as you know. I love all those easy 3-4 open chords songs :rofl: so every now and then those songs collide with each other… that said… its me that drags this to working class hero vibe. The original do not have this vibe…

Thanks for your feedback David. Always appreciated.

Check out the original… very clean and simple… yet brilliant… in my mind :grin:


Fabulous indeed, Trond. I don’t usually look at the originals but did giving you shared it especially. I noticed how his right hand stayed pretty consistent in motion throughout, even when playing the licks between chords.

Much like Neil Young does (and I am sure many others, just that I am familiar with Neil Young). If you like this stripped style and have one of the music streaming services, maybe check out Neil Young’s Hitchhiker album. It was released a few years ago despite being recorded decades back. At the time the record label didn’t want to release it, for commercial reasons I gather. So some of the songs will be familiar as they were recorded and released on other albums. But this is just Young solo at that moment playing a new bunch of songs with his producer, alone one night.

Back to your recording, you surely did the song justice, honoured the original with your own vocal feel and vibe.

Cracking share!

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Hi Trond. Terrific country vibe from your version. Excellent guitar play with the embellishments and a super vocal.
Don’t know the song at all, but yes, the melody is a definite rip-off from ‘working class hero’.
Well done, I really enjoyed your performance.

Well first of all, happy NGD Trond. It sounds wonderful.

That was a great song, I loved it. Played and sung beautifully. You stay away far to long and it’s always a pleasure what you bring when you come back.

Thanks @SgtColon and @sairfingers for your kind words :pray: always appreciated.

I do try to swing by everyday Stefan. But i dont put out as many avoyps as i used to do. Trying to be active. But there is so much more traffic than it used to be. Its almost a fulltime job just to keep up :rofl:

Nice hearing from borh you and Gordon again :grin:

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Sounding great Trond, loved the vibe on this one.

Is this the new guitar? Or is the GS mini a new guitar?

I also noticed your F chord, do you put your pinky on the 5th string?

Hi JK.
Yep. This is the newest one. The GS is also quite new. Plan was to just get by with the GS, but no. Turned out quickly that the GS mini has too many limits. Both on sound and neck size. And i should have known this. Had a mini mahogny once :see_no_evil:

Yep. I play F both ways. With pinky on 5th and other times i play F the right way. Habbit i am trying to get rid of.

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Nothing wrong with trying a lot of guitars, you must be a professional guitar trader by now! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Guitar looks nice. from the headstock looks like nylon strings? Must be quite different than your Martins? For my next guitar (a long way off) I’m thinking a small acoustic, they have one here called a Mini Maton that looks good. Played around with it in a shop for 5 minutes but haven’t spent much time with it. Similar concept to the GS Mini.

Interesting you do the F like that, I was trying to figure out the chord and couldn’t quite tell it was an F until I wondered if you were just using different fingering.

Its just a bad habbit i started with when learning the F chord.
Yeah. I have had a lot of guitars the time i have played. Many of then just to try out and then sell again. Guitars is surprisingly easy thing to sell… so all the guitars i trade from the used market, that way i get the money back again.

Its an Martin 000 series the one i have now, its a rear little thing with a nos to the old school blues boxes, so thats why it has this «nylon» headstock. Its a supercool little thing that is amazing to play.
I am so curious on the Matons. That is a rear breed up here in scandinavia. Really wanted to try one. The one you have sounds and looks great.

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Great song and a great rendition - well done!

Thanks a lot Jim. Much appreciated :pray:

Hi Trond,

Never heard the original - sounds good.
Definitely got the Lennon vibe though. And why not? If you’re going to be influenced by anyone - be it the best.

You’ve done a great job - playing and vocal.


I’m in awe. Can’t believe how quickly you improved since you started playing (you were already very good at the end of year 1). You also have a really nice vocal quality and a great sense of time. Keep it up!

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Thanks a lot @elevatortrim :pray:

Nice play and even better vox I think. Good song, though I never heard it prior. I hope you keep up the good vibes!

All the best and be well,

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