tRONd - June 2022 - Losing My Religion (REM) Mk2 🤣

Been a while since i have put something into to the forum, been busy. Sorry to all the new members i missed welcoming. Few days and weeks out and a lot of new people comes by.

Anyway. I was messing around with this REM thing today, were supposed to practise some usefull things. Ended up playing songs as i usually do. So this one camed up today. I have about not touched it since i put it out as my first AVOYP almost 6 months ago.
It became a thing i felt i really never could play or sing real well and it was a bit forgotten until today.
I took Brians advice and put in a few strums and i also threw in something that looks like an outro…

Tried a one take. Failed big from the start so this is the second take after played through it a couple of times this morning.

It is hard to sing this one, i feel i very much have to hit the right mood/day or something to be able to sing it…
not sure if its been developed or sounds better after 6 months but hope it at least dont sound any less than the first… means im going backwards :rofl::rofl::rofl:

So here it goes….


Hi Trond,
Great :sunglasses:…nice those extra things…that rhythm guitar could have been a little longer from me, really a nice snack…
But the whole thing is just wonderful to hear … just miss the view of your beautiful other room with those beams and stuff…But :clap: :bouquet: :sunglasses:
Don’t work too hard…Guitar is more importanter… even than school :grin:

I agree with you on rythm part there Roger :grin:
Sorry to say that those beams and the view is a chapter now closed :flushed:
Its a family farm that we now have sold, me and the wife thought we were farmers. But we are not :rofl:
So instead of continue with something that was not a passion for her or me we decided to let it go to someone that has the passion and spark for it.
Almost like guitars… you need to have a passion for it, otherwise its a waste of time :thinking:

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:flushed: :flushed: :flushed:
I read this just and out loud to my wife who comes in… Ooo shame, we love farms and everything that comes with it (not indistrual with large animals, mountains etc (we don’t even eat them anymore)… …but our dream is to buy a farm in 10 years time…with asphalt roads in between everywhere :grin:
Well, if it’s not your thing, then indeed make someone else happy with it :smiley:
Greetings, And…I still have to process this :upside_down_face:

Hehehe… i like asphalt, restaurants and some culture offerings. A huge old farm in the middle of nothing is a tough call if you dont have the call… wish you thw best of luck with you and your wife with a farm. Its getting less and less of them ø, sadly…

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Beautiful version of the song. It seemed like you played that song with feeling. Loved the performance man! The finger picking was fantastic too-something I have yet to master. Thanks very much for sharing.

That’s awesome @tRONd , you’re playing is just getting notably better and better each time. You’re vocals are spot on with this, again a really unique style that fits your version here really well.

Keep em coming :slight_smile:

That was a terrific interpretation of a classic song Trond. Well done. Lovely fingerstyle and you made the vocal your own.

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Thanks @Notter i think at least i need to play it some more than i have done uptil now.

Thanks @SDKissFan appreciate your feedback. Just crack on with some fingerstyle, you will be up and running in no time :grin:

Never stop Trond, this was beautiful as always and felt very personal the way you sang it.

That was awesome Trond. Your first one was good and this even better, so despite not playing the song for a while it’s improved!

Your voice adds so much to a song like this. Enchanting. Can’t think of a better word to describe it. It’s like a thread that pulls the listener in.

Very glad to have see back @tRONd. Work is such a nuisance, getting in the way all the time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Personal, hearfelt rendition mate, very well played, and beautiful, emotive singing.
I think I said something similar before, but when I listen to you I can just close my eyes and go somewhere far away. Cannot be learnt. It comes from within.

Cheers, Shane

Thanks @jkahn
Appreciate it :pray: the song goes a bit deep all the way, so its a challenge, like im going out of breath on different parts of it. One of the reason i havent played it in a long time. Feels like a excersise… but that im in need of :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Thanks @sclay
Makes me very happy Clay if thats the feeling you get when im playing. Really one of the compliments anyone can get… thanks :pray:

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Trond have you tried singing this in different keys? I ask that because it doesn’t seem to sit comfortably in your range. I’d suggest you try taking the capo up as well as down the neck until you feel comfortable and able to express what you’re feeling without any discomfort. To put it another way, find a key that matches the feeling the song gives you. If you feel you’re running out of breath, I wonder would it help to play standing up? You’re most certainly moving forward, never doubt that.

I have tried it in different keys. But this is as «high» as i tried.
You have some good solid points there.
Strange thing is that some days it just sits better than others. This particullar song feels very much like i have to have «the day» to pull it off if it makes sense. Not sure if it sounds good capoed up even higher. But i will try to check it out. That and standing up.

Thanks :pray:

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Love the feel of this @tRONd
You are creative in the vocal phrasing with a classic that is already engrained in our memory and hard to imagine differently.

Your picking is nice but the length of each section/chord could use a bit more consistency.
I had some difficulties following the natural cadance of the song.

You might want to practice that separately with with altered vocal phrasing; first recording guitar and then singing over it but never losing the even flow of the song.

It’s clear that you have it in you to make songs your own; keep workign and playing on this momentum! :smiley:

Man, that was superb. Loved it! The extras do bring a little jes ne se quoi. Who knew @brianlarsen was a guitar guru?

May I put a request in Trond? I’d be interested to hear what it would sound like if from when you started strumming, you carried on with the strumming pattern for the song up until the outro. I’m just a curious guy. :smiley:

That was great Trond certainly your muscle memory remained and perhaps even grew during period of not playing the song :smile: I would do what Lieven suggests as in recording vox over guitar for your own sake so you don’t loose the rhythm when you sing, however you have an amazing gift of being able to hide it all with carrying over do those imbalances are not easy to spot, especially if it was a live music.

Overall well done mate! Nice outro as well! :smile:

Hej Trond-

Here’s your ‘bad-news-sandwich’ :wink:

The good:
From the moment you burst on the scene, I was thinking ‘there’s something different, authentic about this guy and his delivery and I hope he manages to hold onto it, as he tries how to play guitar ‘properly’. I don’t think I need to have been worried. This was an excellent revisit of your debut and much improved.

The ‘two cents’ bit:
This is one of REM’s most danceable songs in my opinion (and in my dreams, I sometimes dance like Michael Stipe in the video :laughing:). I think it’s because of the accentuated first beat in the bar with the lyric on that beat. Now you do a lovely fingerstyle and ‘deconstruct’ that beat, making it your own, but there are a couple of places where I find it hard to adjust, esp. in the chorus: I thought that I… I think I thought…
You sing a long ‘I’, as if it was the beginning of the bar, not the end of the previous one. If that’s intentional, excellent. If not, something to think about.

The good again:
I genuinely think you do a fantastic version here. It’s a song you can revisit forever in this style, working on different interpretations. Thank goodness for the obscure lyrics, which allow us to think whatever we want. You’ve rekindled my desire to learn it and once I feel brave enough to try that strumming pattern Justin recommends, I’ll have a bash.

I’m looking forward to MKIII already :smiley:

It was most enjoyable, Trond. I recall enjoying the original, and would have to go back and listen again to pick up the differences.

It just sounded great to me, and don’t have a vivid enough memory of the original or maybe the ability to hear the things that are different and might stick out. You just have such a laid back delivery and style, whatever you perform sounds fabulous.

Just wondering, do you use your ring-finger in the picking? Looks like it’s tucked away leaving the thumb, index, and middle to take care of things. It works fine but maybe, I don’t know, perhaps in time it will be a limitation to not be able to use the ring finger if you generally don’t.

Loved the switch to strumming. I thought you could make more of that in so9me way. Irrespective, the switch to strumming and the (for me) more tricky switch back to picking both looked smooth and relaxed.

Liked the outro, reminds me of the original.

A treat to enjoy another from you.