tRONd - March 2023 - Prisoner Of The Road - Sivert Høyem

Hi all!!

My own take on another Norwegian classic…
pretty sad and dark song and the lyrics speaks for it self on what this song is about.


Hi Trond,
Just quickly clicked on one of yours and :sunglasses:
How nice another song from you, just what I need here in today’s regular rain… a nice mood uplifting song :roll_eyes:
I love it, played and sung are very nice and full of a lot emotion :sunglasses: :clap: :man_bowing:

Hi Rogier!!
Yeah… best listened to when it pours down :rofl:
Love this song. Only has Minors in it :rofl:

Everything good on your side?

Yes yes the minor man :grin:… the best music is made with minors… (and some maybe some with majors :wink: )… Yes everything is fine here, but I should play some more guitar instead of sitting here reading and … :roll_eyes:
I hope you got some more time for yourself these days :face_with_peeking_eye:

That was fantastic Trond! Very nicely played and superb vocals. Could imagine myself listening to that sitting in a pub in front of a warm fire.

If you really could sit in a bar and listen to that Eddie… means the world to me… thanks a lot :pray:

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That would definitely go down well in my local pub back home in Ireland. Terrific work!

Hey Trond,

Great to hear another tune from you mate. A very enjoyable listen. The minor mode suits you well. Solid playing and great vocals.
In this one is envisioned a small group of warriors, sitting around the open fire, pensive, the night before battle.

Cheers, Shane

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Wow, enchanting. Here’s some of that Norwegian fire. :fire: :fire: :fire:

Loved it Trond, great strumming feeling and singing.

I already hit you up on the tubez and wanted to follow up with you here. Your thumb and fingerstyle playing brings a lot of warmth and depth, well done. I have no need to hear the original because you owned this one. Nice share!

@CT and @jkahn

Thanks a lot guys!! :pray:

Great to hear from you again, Trond. Wonderful, moody performance, that I can imagine sound-tracking a dark trekking scene in a bleak movie. These minors do ironically bring me joy :grin:

Happy to see and hear you again! Great song and nice vocals!

The darker mood suits you very much :sunglasses:

I totally agree, minors and 7th! :slightly_smiling_face: Love them! Touches something inside.

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Lovely singing.
And the guitar sounds so good!!!
Thanks for this beauty!

Well sung and played, fits the mood here with it pouring with rain outside, yet again.

Thanks a lot for your kind words :pray:

@Helen0609 @skinnyt @DavidP

@ReneAsologuitar yeah. The guitar sounds amazing, sadly its not mine though. Its an older Martin guitar… its so nice and easy to play

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A very soulful rendition Trond. Wow those minors create a mood. Very well played and sung.

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Beautifully sung and played!

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@sclay hmmm… never thought about that before, but yeah. I can get those pictures from the lyric… cool take on it…

Great to hear some new stuff from you Trond. That was wonderful, both with the playing and singing.

I get that kind of a feel with the song too Eddie.

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