tRONd’s learning log

If i have to point out two things that really stands out in this forum i would have to say that the learning log and the AVOYP stands out.
All good with the other threads, but with those two you kinda get to know people better.

So on that note (no pun intended :grin:) i want to make a better introduction (or a learning log) for my self, since i am spending quite a bit of time in the forum surfing around. My introduction first time around to this forum was a bit slim to say at least.

My Name is Trond, 43 years old. I am an Norwegian, and live right outside Oslo.
I started on my second attempt with guitar January 2021.
I had one attempt in my early 20s. Bought a Stagg Dread, with no plans or a clue on how to learn playing that guitar. Tried too learn the intro on Nothing else matters,without too much succsess. So my Stagg was soon to be forgotten, until last year.
Restrung it and had another go.

First some other not too good apps and sites, and some of them was terrible. Dont even remember the name from most of those sites. And then i stumbled over Justin on youtube.

So started out with his app, and were quickly able too strum along in the song app. My first song was the same as so many other in this forum. Bob Marleys three little birds. I did not realize that the full course was on the site before i was done with the Beginner course on the app. So now i have just started the 3rd grade. Im very much «on and off» on the courses, sometimes i go quickly through some grades, other times i spend a long time consolidating different things.

But i am probably not the «best» Justin student out there :grin: im not very «structured» and its not everything on the course i have bothered spending too much time on, and sometimes i have to go back again and relearn stuff.
But in a weird way i think i am somewhat moving forward. Or… i am moving forward, 13-14 months ago i did not know how to play a single chord.
I also tried a guitar teacher last year as a supplement. But that did not work out. He was just not even close to the whole Justin experience, so i ended that after two sessions. It was just way too expensive compared too what i got out of it in the other end.

I have jammed a couple of times with people waaaay better than me, and that is the way to go being a better guitar player in my opinion.

So do i have any specific guitar goals? I think they have somewhat changed. 20 years ago i wanted to learn guitar so i could play at parties etc. :rofl:
1 year ago it was just too see if i were able too learn a few tunes and see were that journey ended.

Today, after i have becomed a total «guitar junky» i just want to be as good as i possible can be. And to me it does not really matter how long that takes. Its all about small steps along the way in this lifelong journey that it has becomed the last year.

I will never be a Mike McCready or John Frusciante. That train left the station a loooooong time ago, or to put it in a another way… the train never arrived to the station in the first place :rofl:

I do want too be a much better strummer, i think strumming sounds fantastic when its dynamic, but for me its a long way to go, but some day i will be there.
That said, i think fingerstyle also sounds amazing, so i say yes to them both.
And i am going to take up music theory. I can see the huge benefit of that.

I dont really have a very set schedule. I play everyday. 1-3 hours most days its closer to 3 hours. Some days even more.
I start up with 5-10 minutes with just doing slow perfect chords.
2-3 minutes with those chord changes i find difficult.
Then i usually spend a few minutes with some scale playing.
I also have a 12 bar blues that i am doing a lot just to warm up the fingers and get going.

Other than that i am just playing songs. I probably have a good 7-10 songs i try to learn playing at all times. Some of them is impossible for me at this stage, but some of them becomes easier to play after a while.
Often i have learned a spesific song that i really like, and after a while finds out that this is not for me and just forgets about it and throws it away. Other times there is songs i never really liked, but changing them up a bit and suddenly im in love with them.
I probably have about 15 songs i can play ok, and about 15 other that i can not play ok. And out of those 15 i have 5 i really really love and consider my «signature» songs. And those 5 i play a lot and always trying to improve.
To me its all about playing songs. I dont have the patience to practise intricate guitar parts, i find it a bit boring actually. I need to play songs and sing them. I dont fall in love with songs by just play them on guitar.

I really had a moral boost after putting out a AVOYP here on the forum. That really pushed me closer to my «endgame» to play for other people, How and where that will happen i dont know. But someday i will play a song live for some people.
So i would strongly reccomend everyone to do a AVOYP. It really is a good thing.

My Stagg is retired. The action and playability was horrible.
I went through a couple of guitars the last year. Bought a few and sold most of them again. I got myself a PRS angelus after i retired my old Stagg. A Fantastic guitar in every way.
unforunatly i was stupid enough to sell it in a very very weak moment, in order to fund a
a Gibson J-15.

i am very weak for a good looking Gibson😁 and i think all Gibsons look good!
Did not try before buying, huge mistake!
Did not like it at all. The sound was not right and the short neck did not fit me at all. So sold it again the next day🤣
Now i have a Martin D-10E Road series, the cheapest solid wood Martin available, it sounds amazing and has a powerful sound to it.It is so nice to play. The neck is close to a perfect fit, and i love it to death. That one is a keeper, had that for 8 months and that is the guitar i play all the time.
I actually have 2 Martin’s a Martin D-15 streetmaster, a really really cool looking guitar with its worn out look, its a much more expensive guitar than my D-10. i sold my vinyl collection this fall due to lack of space. So i invested all those money into this guitar.
I had that Martin for 4 months now, and its just recently i have «connected» to it. I was determined to sell it. But now i really like that guitar and love playing it.
So thats a keeper as well. I dont see me need any more acoustics than those two.

So that is me and my very very short guitar journey uptil now.

One thing i am pretty sure of is that i will continue to play guitar for the rest of my life.I have put way too many hours down to put the guitar in the closet now :rofl:

i really enjoy spending time in this forum with all you good people. Love the vibe.



Fantastic attitude Trond, have you anything in mind for the next open mic night?

Hehehe… i have a few ideas.
But im not set for an open mic just yet :grin:
But i do aim for a open mic session before 2022 ends… so now i have said it and its out there :see_no_evil::grimacing:

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What a fascinating read @tRONd - thanks for telling your tale. :slight_smile:

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Great story Trond. Sounds as if you’re a bit of a guitar dealer now!

Hehehehe… maybe!:grin:
I tried quite a few different. If i dont connect with them i let them go. Its a strange thing, but now i can almost get an instant feel if the guitar is for me… 1 year ago i did not have a clue.
i have a work in the oil industry on oil rigs. And every rig has a music room. Most of them has pretty good selection of guitars. So i have tried quite a few the last year. It turns out. And dont kill me :grin: i do not like gibsons…i love the looks on them but they just dont work out for me.
I like Martins. But to be honest. The two guitars i have liked the most is an old Yamaha and an even older Takamine. But those were not mine and impossible to get hold of.
But. As i said. I will keep my Martin D-10, love that one. And im selling my other Martin for a OM shaped body guitar.
The dread body size has its limits…

Wonderful first post in your LL, Trond. You may be surprised to know there are many other folk like you who are “not very ‘structured’”, I can include myself in that list. Now if only I could match you in 1-3 hours of practice and play per day.

So don’t put yourself down, based on your AVOYPs you are learning and progressing and well able to play songs for people.

Not sure how many attempts it takes you before you are happy with those recordings and ready to post. In the spirit of small steps, I suggest start working towards recording with the mindset that the first take will be the shared take. Of course in the back of the mind you’ll know if the first take is a shipwreck then nothing forces you to share it, but if just a performance with one or two flubs in it and you kept on playing, go on and share. That step will position you for the first live performance, be it a Community OM or a face-face locally.

And if face-face the try to find an OM that is supportive, not necessarily a scenario in which the audience are the regulars of a bar and the OM is just part of the entertainment. My OM is at a music club and most in the audience are performers, and then if you stumble right at the start (as I did not once but twice a week ago) then they all shout encouragement as you just start again.

Love the quest for the guitars that you connect with and become keepers.

With regards to an amp, another thought to ponder is the likelihood that you may want to also play electric guitars sometime in the future. If that is the case then you may be best served looking for a modelling amp that includes voicing for an acoustic guitar. I’m not well researched but I think some of the Blackstar models have that capability, maybe the desktop Yamaha that a few people here speak about, and of course the ever popular with the Community Boss Katana does.

If you don’t see that in the future then you may be best served looking at acoustic amps. Perhaps find one that suits budget and quality that has two channels, one for the guitar and another for a mic, seeing as you like to play and sing.

And then if things change later and you are loving the blues and want to play electric then that will just pump up the GAS to acquire guitar and amp.

best I stop, don’t want my reply to your first post to exceed it in length, that’ll just encourage @sairfingers to make more comments about the length of my posts :rofl:


Hahahaha!!! Love the lengths on your posts :+1:
Yep!! You are very much right about the first take bit, and something i am verymuch aware on. And thinking about. Does not help me much if i need 20 takes to make a video. Loosing my religion is first take only.
Society was 4 or 5 takes. But yeah. Definatly important to keep in mind.

I think i want an acoustic amp only. I dont see myself playing electrical guitar right now. Tried it and i dont really get the feeling for it. I guess further down the road i will also go electrical. But not now…

The day i pull of Tommy Emmanuel and Jason isbell’s deep river blues i will threat myself with an electrical guitar :rofl::rofl::rofl:


You are doing well, Trond. I’d encourage, if you are not already doing this, that when you make a mistake keep playing the song through to the end, not to throw the hands up, swear and curse, and then restart.

This is the difference between rehearsing to perform and practicing to learn. In the case of the latter the better strategy is not to be playing the song start to finish, but rather once you have the parts down to spend bulk of the time playing the bits that are tripping you up, start playing at a convenient point just before and play through the tricky part, rinse and repeat.

Apologies if stating the obvious that you are already know and practice.

Given that it may well be worth your while looking for a two channel acoustic amp. I think a few folk already made suggestions about those in your Topic about getting an amp.

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Yes. I do mostly the things you are talking about. Usually i struggle a lot to get a nice flow from barre chords over to A and D open chords. especially i find A chord to Bm very tricky sometimes. Especially fingerpicked. Other days it just floats like there is nothing. And that is the tricky part with fingerstyle… if you loose that flow its very very hard to «save» yourself :rofl:

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Great story tRONd, a very interesting read!
Good grief and there was me thinking that my GAS was a problem :joy: you’ve had some amazing guitars, and still have 2 great ones! Your entry to AVOYP was great and I’m looking forward to hearing more from you, the time you spend practicing definitely pays off.

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I know what you mean about getting out of the flow when finger-picking, sure is more tricky to recover than when strumming.

Are you at the point where you’d consider a mini-barre for the A chord. I imagine that might make the change from A to Bm easier. Also depending on the song perhaps play the A as an E-shape barre (though I know finger-picking those barre-chords can also be a beast that exposes any muted notes)

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Yep. Expose muted strings!! A real struggle that one🤣 yeah. I do the A-barre sometimes. Problem is that i like to pick the high E a lot of the times. And i cant get that to ring out when i barre the A-chord. So i tend to go back to the good old A shape… and there it also is a issue. Cause i like to mix in a bit with lifting of different fingers in a chord. That is very hard to do with the «crossed» finger shape A. So now im trying hard to learn the other «normal» A shape😁 but that messes up my anchoring🤣 its always something🤣

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Yep… dont worry about your GAS :rofl: always someone who is more extreme :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Great read through your Learning Log, nice to hear some of your guitar history and plans

And this quote is priceless :slight_smile:

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@Mari63 to put it this way… it will never happen :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Thanks for sharing. Always fun and interesting reading about others learning prosess, guitars and equipment.

Hope you also find some time to practice «Patience» :wink:

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Jepp @Snah
Den spilles ganske ofte :wink:

Great stuff @tRONd - thanks for all the detail. jamming with others is a great experience, early in my guitar journey a friend told me about a nearby guitar club, I learned so much from that and gained many great friends.

I had a mini Maton and similar to your comments, I was underwhelmed with it. The gs mini is similar, esp if one plays a lot of fingerstyle. they need to be plugged into an amp to sound good. Yet I bought a vintage (95 year old) parlor guitar and it’s got lots of volume.

Great to hear you are playing songs. i like experimenting with different intros and outros on the songs i play.

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This is what i have put out on the forum so far.

I will throw in another one that has not been published before. Its me recordning myself after 3 months or so.
I cant play much at that point, so im just doing some chord progressions and trying to learn «old faithful»
I hope this can be an inspiration for everyone who struggles a bit in the start to NOT give up. My playing after 3 months is not very good and does not explode through the roof by any means :rofl:. ( Still dont :grin: )

This is my first recording of myself playing guitar. Its about 3 months after i started to learn guitar.

When i recorded This REM song i had played for about 13 months