Trouble Accessing Video Lessons on JustinGuitar Platform


I’m facing difficulties accessing video lessons on the JustinGuitar platform and need help in resolving this issue.

Whenever I try to play video lessons on the platform, I got “Playback Error” message, preventing me from viewing the content. This error occurs across multiple devices and internet connections, indicating that it’s not a localized issue.

I’ve tried to resolve by clearing my browser cache, updating my browser to the latest version, and disabling any browser extensions or plugins that might be interfering with playback.

I’ve also reached out to the JustinGuitar support team for assistance, but haven’t received a response yet. I’m hoping that someone in the community might have faced a similar issue . Checked Tips from the Official Guides / Approved Teachers - JustinGuitar Community info

If anyone has faced similar problems with video playback on the JustinGuitar platform for troubleshooting this “Playback Error,” I would greatly appreciate your input.

Thank you for your help!

Thank you

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What happens if you try to play the same video directly on YouTube instead of Justin’s website?

I am also having trouble to watch nitsuj’s videos (on vimeo) since yesterday.
Nobody else?

@Cyril_fr Just picked some random videos on the site including some Nitsuj and they all play no problems.

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@stitch Thank you for testing. What if you click a couple of times in the timeline and then click on the full screen sign at the bottom right of the video? If it works (the video goes fullscreen), then reduce and move again in the timeline, then try the fullscreen again. For me the video keeps going for few seconds but the application is kind of frozen, I have to close the window.

Sound like your having a buffering problem. Are you on a PC/tablet or phone?
On a PC/Tablet when in full screen you don’t need to down size to advance the video. You can either use the slider at the bottom(PC/Tablet) of the video or use the forward and backward arrows on your key board for your PC.

I am on PC, I known I don’t have to reduce, I just asked you to reduce in case it does not freeze the first time you try to go fullscreen.

All videos I tested worked fine for me, no matter how many times I resized and skipped around the timeline.

Returning to my previous question, are you able to watch YouTube videos without issue? I ask because Justin’s videos (at least the free ones) are hosted on YouTube, and just embedded on his website.

Also, what browser are you guys using? Might be a problem specific to it. I have no issues using FireFox.

I have the problem only with the videos hosted on vimeo, the video lessons hosted on youtube are working fine.
I am also using firefox.

Hello there! Thanks for your message. A few students who use VPN or AdBlockers are experiencing issues with our Vimeo videos. If that’s the case, please use an Incognito Window to access the courses, as that is a Vimeo limitation that we cannot change. :frowning: Sorry for the inconvenience.