Truss Rod Adjustments

In this lesson master guitar tech Charlie Chandler takes us through how to adjust the truss rod!

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it’s not clear - when the truss rod is tightened which way does it bend the neck? thanks


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These are some useful descriptions of truss rod adjustment:

Sweetwater - adjusting-the-truss-rod

Dan’s tips on truss rod adjustment



Tightening the truss rod imparts a greater pull against he tension that the strings impart and so flattens the neck. too tight and you get a wholly flat neck with the likelihood of buzz. Even more and you get back-bow which is definitely unwanted.

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It is clear, but to emphasise, righty tighty, lefty loosey. Tightening will flatten the neck, or lessen the relief, loosening will add more curve to the neck, or increase the relief.

If inexperienced, do this with caution!!! No more than a quarter turn either way, bring the strings back to tension, leave to rest for a while, retune again,take your measurements then assess if any further alterations needed.

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