Trust Your Ears

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I’ve been cruisin along so far with 100% on rhythm and notes for the exercises… but just the last two bars in #106-F really kicked my butt for some reason. The first 6 bars went as expected with no issues. The rhythm was straight forward, however there was about 3 or 4 notes in the last two bars that where correct when I tried them but didn’t sound right playing along with the track. anyone else experience that? All other notes in the other bars sounded like a perfect match and where not a problem. In the 7 bar I actually wrote a two 8th notes with a tie rather than the rest and quarter note, is there a preferred way of writing it?

So I think my issue was I wasn’t taking advantage of a transcribing soft ware. Transcribe! really helped for #106-G. Also there is a typeo in the #106-G description its 17 bars NOT 16. I had my rhythm correctly written then could not for the life of me fit the last note in. All in all fantastic lessons in 106! really starting to get more difficult, cant wait till 107

Thanks for this alert @headsmell

The downloadable worksheet has 17 empty bars and the track does last 17 bars. I have edited the lesson description so it reads correctly now.

Cheers :smiley:
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