Trying for a Dry January - sairfingers

I’ve decided to have a dry January this year. But it is dragging on a bit!


Good luck, Gordon. You have more will power than I.

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Good luck, I hear you’ll feel amazing by the end of the month. I should try too…but can we pretend the first 2 days don’t count as January? :grimacing::laughing:

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I’m guessing it does mean no alcohol in your language right? … Great then Gordon :sunglasses: , tough and you will succeed, especially if you share it like that.
But beware, I did it 3 and a half years ago for a few weeks, and then after 4 or 5 weeks I felt so much fitter that I still don’t drink alcohol…I had read a lot about it, but that it would be so good for your body, … and especially your head…
Greetings ,Rogier :coffee:

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Same here … two fine days but today the rain started falling once again.
:cloud_with_rain: :cloud_with_rain: :cloud_with_rain:



You could go for a double Gordon (no, not a pun) and do Veganuary also.

Healthy on the drink front and healthy on the food front.



OMG Sounds like purgatory, ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE :joy::joy::joy:

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Well guys, it’s already time for a rethink. We had friends round for an end of holiday afternoon early evening use up all the food meal and the best part of a bottle of Cardhu gold reserve and several bottles of wine seem to have evaporated.

Perhaps I’ll go for a dry-er January. :joy:


There’s always next year :beers: :cup_with_straw: :wine_glass: or the one after that :upside_down_face:

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Hi, that’s a pitty…it just goes to show how hard it is to resist the temptation of alcohol,…and how common it is in our society unfortunately…but,every day is another chance to try it again for a longer period of time. And I soon found out after my previous post that it’s also called dry january here.
Greetings Rogier

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Love your wit Gordon. Always enjoy your posts, and your playing.

As an Aussie, nearly always around this time of year still, I’ll inevitably be asked at a gathering, party etc, mostly by those who dont know me well…

" Ya not drinkin mate? Here, I’ll get ya one.
"What’s wrong with ya, it’s Xmas, New Year etc. Here have a drink etc etc.

As I’ve been sober almost 26 years now, my usual comeback these days is

“Mate, there wouldn’t be enough here if I got started”

This is usually met with a bewildered stare , or an unknowing chuckle".

Makes me laugh too.

Cheers, Shane.


I’m obviously late to the party and now see there is no point in wishing you good luck. You could always do your own thing and go for dry February and a bonus there is there are only 28 day’s.


One drink is too many and six isn’t enough, forgot where I heard that.
I’m good, December was dry for me. Carry on or bottoms up.
Have I said how sloppy my guitar playing is when I drink ?


Last 3 years I’ve gone teetotal from first week in January to my birthday at the end of March. Not quite started though this year but so far just a couple of 25cl beers this week. All good intentions :ok_hand:

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Nothing wrong with that! You a Speyside fan?

There is a reason scotch whisky is known as the ‘water of life’.
Even water should be consumed in moderation. :tumbler_glass:

All in all a good idea, and I’ve had the same intentions many a January myself :slight_smile:

I’ve come to realize that the all-or-nothing goal isn’t very realistic (for me)… and perhaps also not necessary. There will always come a couple of “special occasions” where it’s just not practical for me. For example, this year my wife gifted me a stay at a gourmet hotel/restaurant… of course with a wine menu. We’re (hopefully) going there late January - I look forward to both the food and the wine :slight_smile: And perhaps we, as Gordon, we will have friends over once or twice…

But I can still have a “dryer” January… there can even be measurable goals that makes some sense. I would rather congratulate myself on cutting down than beating myself up over a few social occasions where a beer made sense to enjoy with friends.

(all that being said - I’m actually quite curious to see how my body would react to a long totally dry period… perhaps there will come a time where it’s possible to try out :slight_smile: )

I have been more or less off Alcohol for the past 4 years, my medications were incompatible. This year just before Christmas they were changed for something more compatible; I’ve had a couple of drinks over Christmas and the New year but in moderation. Anything more than a glass of wine, tin of beer or a shot in my tea, coffee or hot chocolate made me feel that I’d had enough. So now I’m happy just having a drink now and then instead of nearly every day.

I always feel like a weirdo when I say to people I mostly don’t drink and I don’t enjoy it really. Sure I can drink while meeting with people (which in my case is not happening too often) but to have an alcohol beverage every other evening just to sit back and relax? Not my kind of thing really.

You can start pointing fingers at me now :laughing: