Trying to convert UTC time makes me feel kinda dumb

I always seem to have trouble trying to figure out what time the Clubs are. I really struggle with this and math has never been a very strong thing for me. Time zones, 24 hour, 12 hour, Daylight savings time, UTC time… It all just makes my head hurt.

Hi Dave,

I always use

Add UTC as a timezone, then add your local timezone.

Hope this helps :smiley:


This could be because South Dakota has 2 time zones. You need to know which one you live in then check it against UTC time on google.

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if you go to it will give you the time of the club in your local time. Also shows all the upcoming clubs, and which you have joined, and has a button to join the zoom too, so it is a good one to bookmark.


Every. Single. Time :rofl:


Just input your nearest metropolis, will show local times zones and their UTC equivalent.
And as said the Club section shows your local time. Simples.

Ah, I see @brianlarsen has dusted down the forums favourite time zone video again. A relic from the old gaff and a few appearances here !


Indeed, just make sure you are logged in and your timezone is set up correctly and replace USERNAME with your own username


Why are there 2 time zones in one Dakota? Why are there even 2 Dakotas?

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Thought time zones worked east to west not north to south ! :rofl:

And two actress named Dakota. Why two of them? What time zones are they in?


I’m Canadian so have no idea why Americans complicate things.


I’ve long been in favor of combining the Dakotas (the states, not the actresses) into one, and then making Puerto Rico the 50th state.

yeah…right… isn’t Nevada part of California… Moderators Please lock or delete this topic

Not so much a daylight saving time issue, but that video reminds me of something.

I worked for Royal Mail Parcels, years back … and we’d close the sorting centre for Bank Holidays. The only people in were the gatehouse security staff.

So, in the gatehouse, we had the Big Blue Book … and in that book, were the names of staff who’d turned up for a shift on the Bank Holiday … only to turn back toward home, spitting and cursing when they realised their mistake :laughing: