Trying to learn finger style from module 11 and I have questions regarding it and singing

hello :wave: everyone,

I started my guitar journey in Oct’ 2022 and have been using JustinGuitar since day 1.
Now I have reached module 11 ( took me some long period I guess :sweat_smile:)

I have three questions :

  1. My finger are too soft for fingerstyle so the sound is too low, is it common? or should I do something to rough 'em up?

  2. I love fingerstyle so I am looking forward to practice it even after module 11, Justin did address about an whole module for fingerstyle, does it already exist? or its gonna happen in future?

  3. I want to learn singing too. So recommend me some good resources for it.

Thank you.


If you have short nails notes can sound dull or low in volume but can be improved with firmer picking. Or grow your nails (picking hand only - plays havoc with fretting :rofl: ) for a sharper clearer sound.

Justin has a 10 lesson Fingerstyle Module in Grade 5 and there are some lesson in Grade 3.

As for vocals a few of us here have enrolled/completed Chris Liepe’s Discover Your Voice course. Its not free but good value for money given the quality and content and for me success rate. There is also a 3 lesson taster course to see what you are likely to encounter, that can improve your singing on its own.

Singing and playing can be a challenge and Justin has a lesson on that as well in Grade 3.

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I play mostly fingerstyle. Without fingernails or thumb or finger picks. Just the fleshy pad of my fingers.

Yes, the volume is much lower than when playing with a pick / plectrum (which I also do).

I personally like the softer more mellow sound. My wife, who sometimes accompanies me on her Ukulele also likes it as compared to playing along with a guitar player who uses a pick because they tend to drown out her quieter uke.

Some guitars I’ve played are so quiet with fingerstyle that it’s not enjoyable. Other guitars have more volume and I tend to lean towards such guitars. One such guitar of mine is so loud with a pick that when I play it in smaller jams I don’t use the pick, just strum with my quieter fingers.

Yes, you can grow your fingernails on your strumming / picking hand but that’s a much different sound. Not the sound I prefer, yet others like it.