Trying to learn power chords and song greenday basket case

Hi all I have been working on power chords and trying to learn the song basket case I am doing it more for the cords but want to learn the song too but not sure on strumming or if I have chords correct so here is a short video of parts of the song and help will be appreciated.


Have you checked out Justin’s lesson on the song? He goes into lots of detail on the strumming (which is more complex than you are doing in your video). Check it out.

BTW: the chords sound good!


You definitely should check out Justin’s lesson if you wanna learn the song. I haven’t learned yet, so can’t say much other than it seems like you’re not doing palm muting.
As for power chords you’re doing great, nothing to add really. Just make sure you’re comfortable with the way you’re playing and don’t stress your hands.
Keep rocking!

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No I didn’t check any videos yet I just started learning cords and what chords I need to play it . I quest once I am confident in the cords I will add in palm muting and all the techniques in this song. This is my first go at power cords

Assume you started here then ?

I suggest you try Justin’s rock power chords module, it’s more beginner friendly than Basket Case and have backing tracks so it’s just fun to play. It helped me quite a lot when I just started.

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honestly step 1 with power chords is a weekend playing random chugga chugga.

Thank bro I am going to follow that lesson . I was trying this without lessons and felt like something was wrong.

Hey rob I am going to do the chugga in the power chord lesson .thanks for the help.

Happy to help. Good luck with power chords, you’re gonna nail them in no time.


To follow up on what others have said, I definitely suggest Justin’s lesson on this song. It’s really solid and goes into all of the nuance of playing it properly. You can play it with just power chords, but the song is a bit more complicated than it appears at first glance, so if you really want to nail the sound of the original, there’s a lot to take in with muting, accents, and the open chords in Eb tuning.

Yup looking into this