Trying to print song sheets

Trying to learn new songs. Finding a way to print the song with lyrics, chords and chord fingering charts. I used to use Word but don’t have it any longer.
Tried using Notepad, but it doesn’t do guitar chord tabs.
Any suggestions ?
BTW trying right now to do Those were the Days by Mary Hopkins which I was surprised to find Paul McCartney produced.

Justin does a guitar tabs section (which I think you have to pay for) the tabs have the lyrics and chord changes etc.
I also use ultimate guitar tabs which shows the chord boxes.
Im pretty certain they both have a button which gives you the option to print straight from the displayed tab.

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No, I don’t think that’s true for Justin’s tab subscription.

The license he has with the publishers does not allow printing hard copy. (That’s a pretty big limitation, IMO, and really reduces the value of the service).

That doesn’t stop you taking screenshots. That is mostly how I record anything interesting I come across.

I print songs from Ultimate Guitar and add them to 3 ring binders. It makes it easy for me to read from the binders on a music stand. Chordie also has similar lyrics with guitar chords but their quality isn’t quite as good in my experience.

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I am not sure if this helps, but I noticed on the Microsoft 365 page on the web that the web version of word etc are now free to use. It might be worth looking at.

Oh, OK, sorry about that. I use Mac so simply got to File top left and then print. Not sure if there is something similar on windows.

You can install libreoffice for the mac. It handles word documents. So your previous word documents will all work. And it is free.

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Thats the problem, I had word and it left with my old PC, Just can’t put guitar chord tabs into it. I should know them its true, but some are just different enough to remember. Notepad I’m finding is very frustrating, especially with the chords over the lyrics.

Do you have WordPad on your new PC? Used to be standard on all Windows PCs, though possibly no longer on Windows 11.

I think it lets you embed images, so you could put in chord diagrams.

On my iPad, I use the free Pages word processor from Apple. Also works on iPhones and Macs.

This is literally the easiest way.

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