Trying to purchase app membership for my teen son (Android)

Hello: I’m trying to purchase an annual membership for my son but cannot complete the purchase through the app. It says “Ask your parent. An adult has to complete this transaction from their profile”. That makes sense as I have parental controls on his account. However, I cannot find a way to approve the purchase via my account. I tried temporarily turning controls off but that did not work.

I considered subscribing under my name but - I assume - then it would be tied to my account, not his. Could someone advise how I might go about fixing this? I have a feeling it might get complicated as there are several factors between the app, the Google Play Store, and Google Parental Controls.

Thanks in advance for your help.

James Flood

Hi James - Did you have any joy getting the transaction through for your son?

@MusopiaApps may be able to assist you if you are still having issues?

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Thanks for the reply. I have not had any success thus far. I have a feeling it has something to do with the Google Family Link controls so a fix may prove difficult.

I have emailed Musopia too but have yet to hear back.


Hi James, welcome to the community.
Contacting Musopia is the best step. Please do let us know if you need a follow up.

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Thanks. I emailed Musopia about it on the 5th, received a confirmation email, but have yet to get a follow-up. Maybe I’ll send them another one.