Tumbling Dice Cover - By Oldhead49 & LBro

It has a been a bit since we posted our last cover. Health seems to be working us both over and getting in the way of production. But at long last we share our version of the Stone’s classic - Tumbling Dice. This song sounds easy to do, but in fact, once you dig into it, you find that is not the case. We really needed a wall of female singers and had not a one. So we did the best we could. OH-Dave did a great job on guitars and we hope you enjoy this one!

All the best to you,


Bravo LBro & @oldhead49 another winner, certainly didn’t crap out on this one.

Sounds great, a big sound, rich tones. You both delivered winning performances, guitar and voice. Production values top drawer as always.

Glad you decided to dip into the Stones song book.

Great Stuff, LBro and Dave! :clap:

I had a fun time listening, great groove and vibe. Sound was good, guitar and vocals as well - overall mix and production just work great. Love the video. :+1:

Thanks for sharing! :smiley:

Hey David,
Ha, how do you know we did not crap out on this one? LOL, we took it slow because we are slow these days.

Not sure how many more of these Stones numbers we will ever do. I got OH into it by telling him about open G turning. He was not keen on alternative tunings until he saw how easy it is to tune to open G. Next thing you know, we are doing the project for TD!

Thanks for your input and take good care!

Hi Lisa,
Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out TD. I am glad this came out sounding good for you. We do our best on these productions. But this Stones song had us compromising in a lot of areas. I still wish we could have had some female backing singers!

Take good care and be well,

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Good to hear from you two. As usual great production all around. You are such a good team.

Nice job guys thoroughly enjoyed it! :guitar: :microphone:


Didn’t read this this morning :zzz:…so here’s a real heart instead of just a like…


Nice job guys, made it your own on the vox LB and great tones from OH as usual. Slick production and clever vid. Jagger is almost impossible to cover, as I discovered with my latest OM selection, like Fleetwood Mac always best to go your own way ! Hope you are both well.

That was excellent chaps. You really captured that Stones vibe. Nice production and enjoyable video.

I hope you are both back to full health soon.

We all learn from our elders and betters, eh?
You guys lookin’ up to Keef ‘n Mick,
Me lookin’ up to old heads and big little brothers…
Hey: "Anyone down there lookin’ up to me?! (or am I in the basement? :rofl:)

Always a pleasure folks. Impeccable attention to detail.
I can see why you were focused on the lack of female Larsens in my collab. :laughing:
Keep on rockin’ and entertaining, my friends.

Hi Pam,
Thanks for the comments! Dave and I work pretty well together. I most enjoy our friendship brought about by the collaborations!

Take good care,

Hi Jason,
Thanks and glad this one was enjoyable for you. I have seen these guy live and they always put on a good show!

Be well,

Hey Roger,
Thanks for the “like” upgrade as it is most fitting. I think our ills are just the normal thing of getting older and watching the wheels fall off! :astonished:

Take good care and be well on your end!

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Hey Toby,
Its been a while mate! Not sure I made it my own on vox. Probably just a lack of the Euro accent on my part? LOL

Thanks on the production and do realize that OH49 has a lot of input there.

Mick is a tough one to sing after. His style is a lot different from most other vocalists!

We are hanging in there Toby. Not sure though when another offering will go up as it might be a while…

All the best,

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Ah Sgt,
It would seem I have been upgraded to being called a “chap”. How cool is that? :nerd_face:

Thanks on the health front. At our age, we need all the help we can get!

You take care!

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Hi Brian,
I was able to get OH-Dave into this song by telling him about the open G turning. From there he liked the rhythm and the rest is as you now hear it. It would seem you are at a low rung on the totem pole, so it would be unlikely folks are looking up your way Brian. LOL

I first heard this one with the intent to cover it and my comment was we need a bunch of Mama’s to back this thing. I had one gal that might have been interested. But she has 2 kids and getting a studio session in that scenario is a tough gig. Been there, waited 6 months for a 2 hour time slice and it is no fun. So you have to put up with Bro and lot of Bro’s… doubled up via mass tracking.

All the best there Innkeeper. Leave the light on for me!

That was great guys. Well played, sung and produced. I hope you are both well and working on the next project.

Hi Guys,

Love the “jamming” vibe this has.
Sounds like a band supping a few, rocking out a tune or 2.
Some nice dirt in the guitar tone.
Great live feel.

Hope you’re both feeling better.


Hi Digger,
You know Keith, always one to partake a bit… Glad this one was kind on your ears!

Both OH and I are simply getting old. As one ages, the wheels tend to fall off and you get more flat tires… something like that. We are hanging in there and doing ok. Looking forward to Christmas and the new year.

I hope you have a good 24 and may the hits go gold on your end!