Tuners and pickup switch

Hi Guys. Not been on here for a while, had a lot going on. I need some advice as i need a new pickup switch for my Epiphone SG special as one position has stopped working propery. I have removed it and fiddled it about but it doesnt seem to improve. Do i need Epiphone oarts or can i use something else? Also wondering if locking tuners are worth using? Not tried them yet so was wondering if anyone had any experience with these?

Some switches have somewhat custom board as part of their makeup and that is something to be aware of copying so you get the same thing you are used to (unless you intentionally want to change). Take a picture if you want an opinion. In general, a switch is just a switch. My Epiphone SG Modern has some custom connections and boards on the pots and switch that would be a little difficult to duplicate, so I would be looking for exact replacements, likely through Epiphone, to make life easy (and get back to playing instead of fiddling with low-cost replacements).

Have you tried cleaning spray on the switch? If the switch is not too old, it may just need to be sprayed and worked a bit to remove oxidation or grit. I use DeoxIT spray.

I put locking tuners on my PRS and like the way they work -just screw down on the string and turn the tuner - better than needing to wind a few wraps. Handy, but not really necessary. Mine cost about $100 USD, and that is a little expensive, but given the value of the guitar, it seemed an ok expense. I have seen people write they improve tuning stability, but I suspect those folks are not winding the strings properly.

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I’ve got locking tuners on my electric. They make string changing quicker, because the string never slips out of the post when you start to tighten it. In addition, there’s no worry about the string sliding on the post and the guitar going out of tune.

However, I still use enough string length to give me a few wraps around the post, for security. I have experienced the locker vibrating loose, and would hate to have a string suddenly pop out of the post and smack me in the eye because I was relying only on the locker to hold the string.

I now try to remember to make sure the lockers are snug periodically, but I still take the “belt and suspenders” approach to them.

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Are you sure its the pup and not just a faulty selector toggle ?

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I get it, but she’s a good old gal. :slight_smile:

Go on now, git to a guitar tech.


First off which pickups does it have and how many volume/tone knobs do you have, also if they’re humbuckers do they have coil split?
As regards locking tuners, yes it’s a worthwhile option I’ve used Gotoh and Grover but my favourite are Hipshot. Any of the decent well known brands are better than the standard non locking ones, but be careful that they are a direct replacement, some are not!

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Hi Michael. Not tried cleaning it yet, but it didnt look dirty when i took out. I was looking at an epiphone replacement, dont want to rusk fannying about with cheap ones.

Hi Toby. Not sure as i havent got into much maintenance yet. Will have a look

Hi Mark. Thanks for the tips. Much appreciated

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Hi Clint. Not sure i could afford guitar techs just now

watch for loose connectors if your SG has those. Mine is full of modern “enhancements” that make assembly easy, but replacement harder unless you just buy from the manufacturer. Here is an image from my SG, one of the split coil switch-pots. I could get the circuit board and switch separated, but it would be a difficult job without the right tools.

“dirty” may not be all that visible, but my image certainly has visible debris all over the board. If it didn’t improve with moving the switch back and forth a few times, then the cleaner is unlikely to help.

If you have one position that just went completely out, then it sounds more like a wire is loose. look for something like a wire that got pinched or is barely connected. This is a useful thing to do before you spend time and money on finding the replacement. You want to make sure, as well as you can, that the replacement is what is really needed.

Hi Darrell. It has 2 pickups and 2 volune and 2 tone knobs. Not sure what tyoe pickups they are, but they do split.

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I played last night and 2 positions worked ok but the third one only worked when i wiggled the switch around. Weird

Sounds like the plates in the selector switch have moved so they are not making contact.
A non invasive fix is to give the switch a good ragging back and forth quite hard and for a good 10-20 secs and strum really hard (yes I thought what why wow !), Had the same issue on my HB32 which is now back to normal. If that does not work its worth taking the switch out and checking the plates.

Okay. I took the switch out and checked it again and one position was very loose. Bent the plate back in and it now seems to be working. Thanks for the replies guys. Much appreciated as always