Tuners on acoustic

What’s your thoughts on locking tuners on acoustic guitars ? I have put locking tuners on my fender strat and love them . But don’t really see many people with locking tuners on acoustic. What’s your thoughts?

Hi Jeff, all my acoustics have locking tuners, as do most of my electrics. Love them, makes string changing a pleasure.

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I do not have a clue on what locking tuners is, could someone please explain it to me :see_no_evil:
Heard a lot about it…


Aha! It makes it faster and easier to change strings. I had the impression that you did not have to tune as much as regular tuners.
Guess this is more for electrical guitars then, not do much for acoustic?

Malz thanks for the reply I love my locking tuners on my strat . They do keep my Strat more in tune then before. The string change is a plus for sure.

Well you do have to tune but they help them from going out of tune as much.

Yeah, ok…
i have more than once messed up and ended out with to few turns around the tuner, guess it will eliminate those issues maybe. Not sure i will bother change mye tuners out though…

The other thing to consider is how often you change your strings… if you do it infrequently (as many of us are guilty of) then the time saving isn’t going to add up to much!

I probably change strings every other month

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Lockers eliminate the frustration of the string slipping out of the post when you’re changing them. Used to happen to me on the high E string all the time. I’ve figured out how to avoid that for the most part, but only my electric has lockers (it came with them) and I often wish the acoustic had them, and getting that high E string to stay put during changes used to be a battle.

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Put a 90 degree kink in the string once you’ve decide how much to wind on. Simples, no slippage.

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Yeah I eventually figured that out. :joy:

Save a fortune on locking tuners. And I automatically tune up whenever I pick up. KISS KIC.

First I play some scales, do some finger exercises to warm up, then tune before practicing. Every day. And I’ll note that my Taylor, without lockers, is almost always still in tune from the day before.

Putting aside the string changing issue, I don’t see how locking tuners keep a guitar in tune better than standard tuners. Temperature change has the biggest effect on a guitar’s day-to-day tuning.


If you build it they will come. :thinking:

I agree if the strings are properly wound on the tuner. I think half the trouble with staying in tune is the string slipping into place from a sloppy winding.

Ironically, I am changing strings on 4 guitars this weekend and had “one of THOSE days” with non-locking tuners. I am real close to buying locking tuners for that guitar. :wink:

And that’s why you “stretch” new strings, to pull the bindings tighter. Once you’ve pulled out the slack the tuning stays relatively stable. Simples.

Reading the article that was posted above it seems like locking tuners are for people who like gadgets and may not know how to properly restring a guitar. If you string the guitar properly the strings won’t slip.