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Hi can you recommend a clip on tuner i have two but they do not seem to be picking up the changes when tuning with the result of a broken string also how do you find the correct size for a slide i am learning little red rooster and really need a slide to make it sound right i have a ring sizer but its in letters not Nos so not much help there.

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I use

Quite happy with it, it’s rechargeable and works in direct sunlight which is great for outdoor jams

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Hi John,
I’ll get push back from my comment as I had no problems using a snark clip on tuner. Some folks don’t like them, I didn’t have issue with the one I got. It seemed to work well enough.
That said, I do like playing in tune so I got me a strobe tuner by perterson. That for sure gets you in tune.

Another thing I do when tuning. Don’t know if I should have to do this, but I’ll tune up, say the D string. Then I’ll play the E note on the D string. Sometimes even though I think the D in in tune, when I fret the to the E note, I’ll find some variance, be it sharp or flat. So then I’ll tune the E note to in tune. Then back to the D note. Then find the happy medium between the two note. Perhaps I’ll check F# on the D string, It should be in tune. I go back and forth till I’m satisfied I’m in tune. Which after all that, I usually am.

Still, imho, get a strobe tuner for best results. Expensive, yes, but they do get ya in tune. And that’s the goal.

I still use my snark when I’m playing away from my strobe tuner and I still manage to get in tune.

fwiw, my acoustic/electric has a built in tuner. I use it the same way as I described above.

Lastly I’ll play me a few chords. If they sound good, I’m tuned up good I feel.

Good luck.

Oh, forgot to comment on the slide.
I’ve no recommendation. I got me a metal one that fits up to the large knuckle on my pinky. Allows me to bend my finger and put it down on the strings. It works well enough for me, as I don’t claim to play slide guitar. But for dabbling in it (playing slide guitar), it does do the work that is required.

Cool link James.
The best of both worlds. Clip on + strobe.

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I think Justin mentioned this one

Black Mountain Slide Amazon.co.uk

I think either your grip is too tight and the note goes sharp or the intonation of the guitar should be adjusted. Have you done the latter already? Also, as a guitar is made of wood and metal, those materials react to ambient temperature and humidity differently so it’s very very difficult (perhaps impossible) to have all the notes at all the frets dead on 100% in tune with 0 cent variance compared to the ideal pitches.

I definitely don’t recommend a super snark tuner. Takes forever to tune. It’ll say it’s flat so I give it a slight turn then it says its sharp, slight turn back and then it’s flat again. Annoyingly difficult to get a string in tune right on the money.

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Don’t wake sleeping dogs… he’s just processed the trauma

Snark tuners suck


I like this one and have enjoyed it for a long time. I now use the ground pedal of this and now I only use the clip on when I change the strings…

(ps: wow January 2021, this cost 38 euros now cost 49 euros at thomann :flushed:)

Greetings Rogier


Totally, 100% agree. Bought one and it was trash (the thread Rogier linked). Maybe they were good once upon a time but not now.

I bought a Fender one for about the same price to replace it and that has been GREAT.

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As a matter of balance, I would highly recommend the Snark ; at least the Snark Supertight I bought about 4 years ago. Always found it to be very reliable, and very consistent.
Very comparable to my inbuilt S-Gear tuner which is super accurate to 0.1 cent

Cheers, Shane

OK so how did you choose the right size

Today I heard from Justin what you need to do to get the right slide

Go to a store and try as many as they have,

I can at another solution and that is to order one and try it and probably again and again and again etc.


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Thanks for all this. My wife bought me a Snark tuner about 4-5 months ago and I have tried to tell as kindly as possible over that time that the thing is just trash. Maybe it is a QC issue where some are fine and others not so much. Maybe it is specific to the instrument, I don’t know but I literally cannot use it. I end up using the app on my phone, even though it is a whole let less convenient to open the app and then try to prop my phone up next to the instrument. My son is also playing the bass and the Snark just does not pick up the notes.

I was thinking o f getting a pedal tuner because my assumption (not really knowing too much about how it all works) was that the clip on tuner is relying on vibration of the instrument which is also impacted by the harmonic resonance of the guitar, ambient noise or movements in the room etc. where as the pedal is pulling the electrical impulse from the pickups. I suppose the pickups themselves could also be pulling similar noise, but never-the-less, I find the Snark one very frustrating and the phone apps a lot quicker to tune.

John @Guitarman63

Sorry I can’t answer your question.
I don’t know when or where I got the slide I use.
I just can’t remember it must have been so long ago. Or just old age for lack of memory perhaps…

I’m thinking Rogier @roger_holland has the right idea. Find a store that has a different variety of them and see if one of them might work for you.
I have no doubt that, that is the way I acquired the one I got . I doubt I got on the www as I’ve had it for so long I don’t think there was a www when I got it.
My guess is I would have gone to my local music store to get one as I like to go to the music store :wink:

OK thanks for that

Thanks Rogier a great help, by the way just read your profile how can someone go through so much and still keep smiling you are an inspiration so all you people in Justin land who complain about being frustrated or can`t play a chord read Rogiers profile if he can do so can you!


Yeah it seems they are cashing in on the brands reputation and making garbage now.

Love my peterson StroboClip HD

Personally I prefer pedal tuners for electric guitara most of the time because they have the advantage of acting as a mute switch whilst you are tuning.

But clip ones work pretty well most of the time, and have the advantage of being easy to set up, if you don’t already have a pedalboard setup with a tuner.

So, in practice, I tend to use both.