Twin Six, please allow me to introduce myself . .

Twin Six is the name of my twelve-string guitar and also refers to a Packard Twin Six that figured prominently in my childhood.

My avatar is the abalone inlay logo of my Alvarez Yairi guitars, built in the '80s by Japanese luthier Kazuo Yairi. Incidentally, I’m a student of Japanese language & literature and had a career as a translator.

Musically, I’ve played keyboards, sitar, and guitar. After a decades-long musical hiatus, I returned to the guitar just before the pandemic hit. This is my second year learning with Justin Guitar, making me a continually advancing beginner.

Favorite bands musicians include the Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, Velvet Underground, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Frank Zappa, David Bowie . . .

I 'm a true geek when it comes to guitar strings & picks. It’s a fascinating learning curve.


Welcome over to the darkside Jonathan

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Welcome to the community Jonathan. I’m still waiting to hear the twin six in action. :wink: If you still have the sitar, I’d love to hear that too.

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What a fascinating man you are Jonathan and what a repertoire of skills and experience you have. I’m so glad you’re here and very much look forward to hearing more of you.

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Good to see you hear, Jonathan.

If you’ll allow a digression … reading all you’ve said about strings inspired me to order some different strings the other day. Looking forward to re-stringing and hearing of it makes a difference … at least a difference I can hear and appreciate or even just feel.

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I’d wondered where you were, glad to see you over here - hopefully we’re going to hear some nice 12 string goodness!

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Hello and welcome Jonathan. :slight_smile:

It sounds like we might get some exciting sounds from you.

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Hello Jonathan
great to hear something about your passions and career outside the guitar world as well, thanks for sharing.
Even better I just finished my Japan-inspired year 2021 (I am picking a “focus” topic every year which I then try to get to know a bit better - reading books, cooking, design influences…) and now have someone to bother with questions (just joking). I can imagine it was quite fascinating to spend a life influenced by such a phenomenal but also rather different cultural influence as the Japanese one. It is also nice to see how this is influencing the guitar part. Would love to hear or see one or two stories out of your repertoire over in the Social part of the community if you like to share something :slight_smile:

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Jonathan, so glad you made the crossing! I think you will like it here in the new world.

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Hi Jonathan, it’s good to see that you packed your gear and headed across here. :slight_smile:

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Hello and welcome Jonathan. I’d love to try a 12 string but i’m still a beginner and struggle with 6 at the moment. Hope you enjoy yourself here :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey Jonathon good to see you here ! Could have sworn I replied to this post but obviously not. So good you have crossed the bridge from the old forum. Time to make new friends :smiley:



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@stitch Thanks, Rick. Looking forward to this so-called darkside.

@frito Thanks, Joe. The Twin Six in action entails a video camera learning curve. Yes, I still have the sitar, but it’s been a while, so now that my fingers are hard enough from guitar, it might be time to practice up again.

@batwoman Thanks, Maggie. I’ve appreciated your contributions more than you know.

@DavidP Thanks, David. You should hear & feel a difference depending on the alloy & gauge. I look forward to seeing what strings you’ve chosen and what you think of them.

@DarrellW Thanks, Darrel. Practicing the 12-string goodness every day, and slowly getting better.

@SgtColon Thanks, Stefan. I’m consolidating my repertoire and hope to record something soon.

@Kutzsche Thanks, Martin. Go ahead and pick my brain about things Japanese, and I’ll be glad to share whatever I can. The Japanese-made guitars came my way purely by chance. Musically, I can’t claim any Japanese influence.

@ChasetheDream Thanks, Robert. Yes, I already like it here a lot.

@Richard_close2u Thanks, Richard. And thanks as always for your generosity in sharing your musical theory knowledge.

@Tim_Wilson Thanks, Tim. 12-string is certainly a challenge but is worth trying out if you get the chance.


@TheMadman_tobyjenner Thanks, Toby. This new forum is brilliant. Glad to get reacquainted.

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Jonathan, I’ll post up about it once I’ve done the change. I’ve kept to the same gauge. Perhaps overly cautious but didn’t want to run into any bridge, nut, or relief issues on my acoustic guitar.

I did put lighter gauge strings onto my electric (10s to 9s) and have found bending easier. Just starting that learning and glad of any help, however slight.

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