Twistor59 - October 2022 - Lady Gaga - Hold my Hand

As I mentioned in the youtube comments, this is a cover of Kfir Ochaion’s version (simplified a bit in parts!). There’s a fair amount of horizontal playing in it, which was good for me because I don’t do enough of it.


Another recording that sounds fabulous, Phil; bravo!

Above my play-grade to offer any specific feedback.

Wow, amazing job Phil. Thanks!

@DavidP @TheCluelessLuthier Thanks folks!

Very tasty! I like this a lot. Dig the backing track too. I might have a go at it at some point as well. You just picked up a subscriber. Well done!

That was brilliant Phil I got really absorbed listening to you play :clap:t2: :clap:t2: :clap:t2:

Cracking Phil, very well played with great poise. Also well above my play grade to offer anything resembling advice!! :+1:

Hi Phil ,
Amazing… :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:

Wonderful playing Phil. You’re a pleasure to listen to.

What do you mean by “horizontal playing”?

@CT @Billca @Notter @roger_holland @SgtColon Thank you all for the kind comments!

@SgtColon I meant playing up and down the neck rather than playing across the neck “in position”. Sometimes going horizontally you can achieve nicer tones.


Thank you Phil. I just wasn’t sure what it meant.

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Wow, impressive!
Like the song and you did it up right for sure…

You got a DAW and all the trimmings from what I can see. But at YouTube you are over -11dB low. You might want to look at your Render output level and bring it up to -14 LUFs.

All the best and keep rocking them out!

Thanks LBro!

Ah I had no idea that the youtube volume was too low - thanks for the tip-off. Presumably the only way to fix that is to re-upload a version with the volume cranked up?

Yes, but I would let this one stand as you will get a new link, you can’t replace a video and keep the same link unfortunately. So changing the video will cause other issues.

Rather, on your next post I would spend some time to make it better. To do so, right click on the main YouTube (YT) screen and select, “Stats For Nerds” at the bottom of the pop up menu. Then look at “content loudness” It will never be over 0. Your present project from memory is about -11.2dB. You want to bring that up as close to 0dB as possible. It can be hard to nail it, so getting close. Like under -1dB is much better than -11dB. The issue is that if folks are cruising YT and listening to video songs, most will be at or near the same vol level. When they hit yours it will be very distant or low in volume. Or we go and listen, turn up our end to hear you fine work and forget to turn back down. Next video we listen to blasts us out! :frowning:

Hope that helps and all the best!

Thanks, yes that helps a lot! I’ll definitely do this for next time!


So impressive, Phil. I loved your playing. Your setup is awesome. It’s a beautiful song too. Great job!

Well Phil I have to admit I am not one to do Lady Gaga and have a vague recollection of the original Top Gun (not my java either) let alone another Hollywood remix. But I do know what I like and I liked this ! For some one who has not been on this road for that long, this was another stellar performance. Way above my play grade to comment on, other than it was darn good. Thx for sharing !