Two covers at once, sorry)

Hello everyone!
Let me show you two of my covers at once. They’re in different styles, but that’s probably a good thing.

  1. “I can’t dance” from Genesis.
    I wanted to do this cover in the heaviest possible guitar style, despite the fact that I had never played a slide before. So, I decided to try it. In the left channel, you can hear something played by the slide.
    I called this genre “heavy blues”, although the chord sequence here is by no means bluesy. But these lyrics are 200% blues! :rofl:
  2. My favorite song “Sail Away” from the cool Finnish band The Rasmus. They came to my hometown a couple of times, the last concert was in 2018. I don’t remember exactly, but something prevented me from going to that show then. I thought: next time. But in 2022, they canceled their concert for obvious reasons, although all tickets were sold out in advance…
    I tried to make this cover as accurate as possible. My only change is that I replaced the strings in the solo with a flute.
    That’s all it is :smile:

Stream Genesis - I Can’t Dance (cover) by crocodile1 | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Stream The Rasmus - Sail Away (cover) by crocodile1 | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Keep on rocking,


Hi Leo,

I only have the opportunity to listen to the first one now but… although I used to be quite fond of this song a long time ago…this version beats the original for me with minutes in a 10k run :sunglasses: …I liked that heavy guitar very much :sunglasses: :clap:

That’s great Leo! Very unique interpretation - dare I say it, I agree with Rogier- better than the original to my ears (and I am a Genesis fan!).

I wasn’t familiar with the second song - but I like it a lot!

Hi Leo,
You are on fire and cranking out some great stuff. I liked your sail away best. Great mix, drums and that flute was very nice. Was that a sim and if so, what one? I liked your vox as well. All around good stuff mate! Keep up the good work and crank out some more!


Not bad, not bad at all!
Great vibe for both songs, especially Sail Away. Your voice gives me a Mark Knopfler feel - have you tried any Dire Straits? Keep it up & share more of this good stuff!


Hey Leo, your prolific repertoire of great music is continuing to grow, both tracks are great interpretations, putting your own spin on them!
It’s great to hear from you again, I was only thinking about you and Mike a few days ago, wondering how things were with you, oh and Anastasia! Hope you’re all OK, stay safe, stay well!

Loved both of those Leo :+1: :+1:

I actually quite liked I Can’t Dance when it came out but boy have you given it some bang (best word I can think of bizarrely!!).

Sail Away I am not familiar with at all, either the band or song, but sounds like proper Scani rock. It reminds me of a Swedish band actually, Terrorvision, who I was introduced through on a vacation to that part of the world many many years ago.

Great production on both, which franly is what I’d expect from you!! :slight_smile:

Hi, Leo. Wow two more top-shelf covers from you!
“I Can’t Dance” - I can honestly say I like your version better than Genesis. You’re goal of heavy worked well!
Never disappointed when opening your posts.

What’s better than a new production from Leo? Two new productions!!

Both were great. Nothing much I can say really, your productions always sound just so good … the playing, the mix, top drawer

Hi Leo,

wow, just wow on your cover of “I can’t dance”, what an outstanding version you created here. I really loved the dark mood and the grittiness of the overall sound. Vocals top notch and fitting nicely into this heavy blues. Overall production is so well done, well balanced and the slide part sounded great as well.

Also really enjoyed the Cover of The Rasmus, sounded great as well - especially the flute solo. :+1: You did it justice as well.

Both great productions, so yeah, I take the double Leo anytime soon again! :smiley:

Thanks for sharing these two. :slight_smile:

@roger_holland, @twistor59, @Notter, @oldhead49, @DavidP, @Lisa_S
Thank you guys so much for the kind words.
I’m glad that I don’t think I’ve disappointed you!

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Thank you, LB.
Yes, you’re right, I played the “flute” on keys. This is VstPreset “ethnic flute” from HALion Sonic, plus a little post-processing.

Thanks, Tod!
Yes, 8 years ago I had the experience of performing vocals in a cover on Sultans Of Swing.
It was a collab with Roman Schlaffenwagen (bass, drums, mix) and Kasper (guitar). Those were good times!

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Thank you, Darrell! It is sad to realize that lately life has been trying to hit us harder, and there is little that depends on us.
This year, In January, Anastasia’s father died. Khibiny mountains, snowmobile, avalanche… He loved extreme sports, he was 48. I know their family, we live in the same condominium. This is a huge loss for them.
Mike and I have never met in real life. And so it turns out that he and I haven’t been talking lately.
Hope he’s fine.
But music helps us all in life, and that’s great! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good to see you getting the music up to the cloud Leo, keep them coming.

Thought the Phil Collins Band cover worked really well (stopped calling them Genesis after Gabriel left). Though the dirty tone would have PC a fit of the vapours but it worked really well. Great cover.

Enjoy the Ramus song as it was new to me, so no critique so I just sat back a listened. The flute sounded really good, was that you or midi, if you very impressive sir. Trouble is with that song title I will have this earworm with me for the rest of the day !! :scream:

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Hi Toby!
Thank you for taking the time to listen and write. I am always glad to get your comments.
That flute was played in midi through the HALion Sonic (“ethnic flute”). I can’t play a real flute of course :grin:
Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you, my friend! And I’ll sail away in three hours, meaning to my favorite Irish pub (this can be called “internal emigration”) - haha.
There will be several people from the former Leoettes, as you once called them. And now I’m calling them The Chicken vocal trio :wink:
Keep on rocking,

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Hi Leo,

Hope you’re good.
We currently have roadworks outside making a fair amount of noise, but somehow the thud of the machine they’re using compliments the beat of I Can’t dance - extra thud. :slight_smile:
Cool cover. The piano sounds great. Nice slide.
The overall feel reminds me of a beefed up soundscape of some of the late 80s glam/rock bands. Like Cinderella but with a bit more “heavy”.

I only knew In The Shadows by the Rasmus - cool song. Like this one too now.


Digger, thank you for taking time to listen and comment.
It’s great that roadworks machine didn’t stop you from hearing the keys :slightly_smiling_face:
I always appreciate your comments,