Two interesting lessons here

I was watching this yesterday (I’ve got a soft spot for busking videos!).
The girl with the the guitar is a very accomplished guitarist and her strumming is great. However watch what happens just after the 3 minute mark.

Two lessons here

  1. if you are holding your pick lightly enough, you will drop it from time to time
  2. If something goes wrong, keep the rhythm going and it’s not half as noticeable as you might imagine.

Paul @mathsjunky
Yes two excellent lessons.
I have only performed on stage a few times but have always had spare picks in my right pocket. I noticed she knew exactly where her spare ones where and hardly missed a beat, well done to her. Perhaps it is something to practice if you are going to perform.

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Wow, that was great! She even made that very small pause work well with the rhythm

I have a clip on pick holder that the picks glide out of very easily. I haven’t got to performing yet but I might practice that little maneuver. It’s inevitable that I would drop my pick at some stage :grin:

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Lovely performance, you can tell they enjoy it and so does audience.

This is a great aspect of playing with other people - no one will “stop and start over” because you made a mistake. You have to learn to continue and improvise if necessary.

I like how the “accident” happens at slow down outro section, so it wasn’t very noticable - she had opportunity to reach out for the spare pick and continue. In a different section, she would probably just continue with finger strumming and wait for good opportunity to get the spare pick.


Cool performance - they’re obviously having fun.
My fall back would always be continuing to hold thumb and index finger together as though holding a pick and strumming with the back of my fingernail. :slight_smile:


Cheers for the share , Paul :smiley:
Always find a busker on Grafton St. in the centre of Dublin. Often fab musicians.
Made me quite nostalgic


I didn’t know this was Dublin. I have been there for a short holiday a month ago and the two main highlights for me:

  1. Live music everywhere - buskers, pubs, even a classical concert (Handel) on 13 Apr in the middle of the (closed) street. Fantastic musicians.

  2. They let you into R&R museum with beer in a plastic cup and then they let you play LP (authentic very old or custom shop aged, not sure). Accident waiting to happen. :rofl:

Nice one Paul, yes, I too like watching buskers and also loopers👍

What great strumming :scream: they both sounded good too :+1:.

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Yep, that was great! Loved the way she kept cool and continued like nothing happened…
I wonder though where they got the power for the instruments?
Battery pack? (if that exists). Powercord(s) into a store?

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I drop picks gigging once in awhile - keep a few in my right hand pocket - so it is not usually noticed

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The woman on the keyboard is named Allie Sherlock. The other woman on the guitar is a friend of hers. Allie normally plays the guitar while busking. She’s both an amazing player and singer. She’s on Facebook. Very entertaining young lady.

  1. She is AMAZING!
  2. I play with a $30 pick. Never drop it yet. :grin:

:rofl: :rofl:

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Good vid - a talented duo there. And yeah, barely notice that pick drop.

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Brings to mind a Justin lesson in level 1 or 2 where he talks about holding the pick. He purposefully fidgeted with picks for years to train himself to be able to quickly reposition them when needed.

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