Two Wrongs (a plaintively, original acoustic guitar song)

thanks for listening to Two Wrongs


Outstanding Danny! Beautiful song, great lyrics, well sung and well played! Big thumbs up :+1: from me!

Hi Danny, wonderfully played and sung :star_struck:. I enjoyed listening to it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

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Thank you so much for listening!

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Thank you Eddie for listening!

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Holy cr*p. That was fantastic. Thank you for clearing up my morning good sir.

Keep up the good work!!

Really nice Danny, definitely more than a wannabe singer / songwriter in my book, thank you for sharing that with us! :+1:

Oh, super compositon and playing there. The short falsetto section near the end worked really well!

Hello Danny, I enjoyed your song a lot, beautiful lyrics and the way you switch from fingerpicking to strumming is so very smooth and nice! :heart_eyes::blush:

A well written and performed original, Danny. I enjoyed it.

I recall you shared a couple of other originals here before. I suggest you post up a personal introduction in #community-hub:introduce-yourself and share some personal background, guitar history, and aspirations a member of the Community.

You just made my day. Thank you for listening

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Thanks so much for the listen Notter!

Thanks for that input. I felt it but was still unsure about it.

Silvia, thanks for listening and astute of you to notice that. I think it works esp to change up a 3 chord song. Thanks

That was really great Danny. Congrats on your original song. Great playing and singing. I really enjoyed it.

Happy you liked it. Thanks for listening

Great song writing and performance. I really enjoyed that!

thank you for the listen and nice tag line clueless luthier