Typo in The Old Faithful Strumming Pattern

Hi there,

In the text for https://www.justinguitar.com/guitar-lessons/the-strumming-pattern-b1-404 I noticed that the word should be “exceptions” instead of “there are expectations to this rule” (I’m guessing that a spell-check suggested the wrong word).

If there’s a more approriate forum or other way to provide this sort of feedback, let me know. I used to be a proof-reader so I often notice these things. I think I might have sent an email previously (before I discovered this Community site).

As always, thanks for the top quality tuition,

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Thanks for the feedback, Anthony, and welcome to the Community (I see this is your first post, hope not the last).

Posts in the Community is the best way to provide feedback. I shall relay to the team.

Thanks again, Anthony, resolved.

Thanks, David. I’m happy to be able to help improve Justin’s fabulous content.