Uh, Hello, I guess

Hi Robert, Welcome to the Community. A lot is thrown at you at the beginning of Grade 2. I have played open chords for over 40 years and I found the number of chords introduced and the practice schedule start to seem challenging. I have started and restarted guitar more times than I can remember, but this time I found if I can spend enough time playing songs I can stay motivated. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and find some songs that you like in grades 1 and 2, including Hotel California, and have fun playing those for a week. If you keep a learning log, you can go back to your practice schedule when you are in the mood and over time you will make progress.

Hi Robert, welcome. Good you have given yourself a new opportunity to learn to play guitar. For me it’s about practicing without expecting immediate results. After enough repetitions through several or many practice sessions, progress happens. It may be that some of the skills in Grade 2 have taken longer and harder to learn and you felt bad about it. Play guitar for fun and make your everyday guitar challenge part of the fun.