Uh oh...Not again 🙄

Doing a bit of DIY with that show running in the background.
Someone give @tRONd a banana :banana:

Not sure i catched that one Brian… what is that show?

But yeah. I do like bananas :grin:

Ahhh… that show… yeah. Got it :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Not a big fan!!!

What baffles me about this show is this - last year won a song which you can’t argue about can be labelled as a modern rock genre. How come none of the bands/artists yet played any rock song?! People spoken last year with their votes yet we go back to usual crap…

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Haha, let’s say that was a safe bet :rofl:
(Which is also why you got tagged :wink:)

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Well well. The UK came second only beaten by Ukraine in the public vote. Now that’s a result surely!

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Oh,…is it about that…not heard a newscast today,…I don’t even know how high the Netherlands has ended…the last 38 years or so I don’t follow it anymore,and I wanted to know what this was about…I hope your ears and taste have recovered a bit…

@sairfingers I suspect Ukraine could have had Dick Van Dyck singing Any Old Iron and they would have won and I am pleased that they did whatever the song was. EV has never been about music. UK 2nd maybe a sympathy vote after last year. Like @roger_holland its been decades since I watched let alone listened to any of the content, so can’t be too judgemental. Spain sounds interesting though :wink:

@adi_mrok its the same as The Voice “Insert country” there still a huge influence from the music industry and they are just not interested in rock, as it will never sell enough regardless how good. So they will go for the safe catchment group every time ie MOTRC.
MHO. :sunglasses:


Same is true for me, so I can’t really say anything about yesterday’s show in particular.

I think that’s not true. In the beginning, at least up until the beginning of the 90ies, it has actually been about music. And personally, I think it still should be. After all, it is called “Eurovision Song Contest”, right?

From yesterday’s result I guess I have learned two things:

  1. The result was not about music at all. It was purely political.
  2. We Germans are terribly unpopular in the rest of Europe.
  1. We Germans are terribly unpopular in the rest of Europe.

Haven’t watched in years, from the snippets I have seen seems less about the songs these days more about the act.

You say the Germans are unpopular not sure they have had as many ‘nul points’ as the UK, but I stand to be corrected

Hi Oliver…
If you talk about that song party… then I have no idea,
But do you mean in general ,…Let’s not make it a John Cleese moment…me ,my family some friends and many acquaintances and people I hear a lot on the radio LOVE Germany… well that war,(oops Sorry John), some real old people are still a bit angry, and jokes among my peers with a great historical awareness, yes…but I don’t know anyone who don`t like germany as a whole or its population or even find it a little annoying…soss, love you my musical friend :smiley: :sunglasses: