Unable to connect the server

Hi guys, I just purchased the Justin guitar app with one year subscription. However, I’m not able to connect the the server from yesterday. The app just keep loading and I’m not able to access the course. I’m currently using iPad Pro to run the app. The system is the latest version ios15.1, I try to reboot my iPad Pro and reinstall the app. However, I still not able to access the course. Is anybody have the same problem?

Hi Kuma I am not an app user so can’t offer any assistance but hopefully someone will be able to help. Just wanted to say welcome to the Community, :sunglasses:

Hello, Kuma and welcome. For App support it is best to contact Musopia directly. The contact info is on the help and contact screens.
Best of luck.

Hi Kuma, I’m pretty sure that is because there is no (or insufficient) internet connection. The app does not run offline. I’m pretty sure of this because I experienced the same thing one day when my power was out and I tried to use the app.

Of course, as ChasetheDream said, best to contact support to be sure.