Unable to log in app

I am unable to log in on the app, it says im logged in on another device, i have logged out of my iPhone app and also the website on my browser on my iPad but still does not log me back in , i have uninstalled the app on both my iPhone and on my iPad, it says account has been deleted but i am able to log in on website on my browser just not the app

The lessons and songs app is owned by Musopia, and is not linked to Justin’s website or forums. They are separate accounts so registering/deleting one has no effect on the other.

The app is definitely working (just tried it), so if you can’t open it I would contact Musopia or Apple to see if they can help. I don’t have any i-devices, but if it’s claiming you’re logged in elsewhere, check your account for a list of current devices. It should show you where you’re logged in, and give the option to log out specific devices if required.

Ok thanks for your help, il see if i can contact Musopia and go from there

@MusopiaApps sometimes summons their help.

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