Unable to update profile

I have tried to update my profile, or clicked on the link anyway, and I get a sign in box. I have tried my email address with password, my username and password but just go back to the sign in box. I changed my password and tried tried the above again, still no joy. Any ideas?

Ross are you using the browser or the app on a mobile ? :sunglasses:

just incase its a browser thing with a odd issue, perhaps in try a different browser.
It appears your avatar and user name has to be edited in the JG dashboard (main sight), and preferences for the community in the community area preferences.

The preference link in your profile here, redirects to the website. That’s why I asked if he was using a mobile. I have done it a couple of times via brower but not via the app/mobile but I know there are others that may have done and provide some help, if that is what Ross is doing.



Same problem here. It’s clear this software was intended to be used with smartphones as it neglects all the empty real estate on my monitor.

I don’t think I like this new forum at all. It reminds me of reddit, which I can’t navigate either.

John, glad to see you got the login issues sorted out.

Not sure what you mean by ignoring the real estate on your monitor as it seems to make good use of the whole screen on mine.

I’ve never used Reddit so can’t comment, but settled into using this platform within a few days.

I will likely adapt, I’m just getting all my complaints out of the way early. I don’t like Reddit because to me it’s unwieldy. Seems to work fine for a whole lot of people though.

I have a 50" monitor at 4k resolution. So I suppose that wasn’t a legit complaint.

Now it makes sense John ! I can see you may need some shades man with all that white space. Boy that’s a lot of screen space and bigger than our main TV!! I’ve an old skooll 19 incher and I ain’t a lover of using mobiles/cells for this kind of stuff.

What exactly were you trying to do profile wise ?
@Rosshkerr same question at you Ross.

I’ll try and help if I can, as I was flipping my username a few times and did not have issues but did have to log off here and back in again for them to take effect.
FWIW that’s Win 10 and Chrome. Let me know and I’ll if I can help. Also if there is an underlying issue with different browers for example, we can get it reported to @LievenDV and @Richard_close2u to follow up.



It is my main TV. But I use it for a lot of things like gaming, movies, mixing 7 recording, stocks, just things where high resolution and big screen is a benefit.

That’s a relief John. I’m sitting here thinking if that’s you PC monitor, how freakin big is his tele. And I know you ain’t in Texas !!

We’ve got a 55" set. Mainly purchased so I can suffer even more watching the Irons do their stuff.
Have to wait till I’m the only one awake to watch AVOYP’s on it: some of my fellow, crusty forum members…strike that…community members are too scary for domestic consumption. No names…no pack drill. :wink:

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In response to the OP issue with updating their Community profile - I’ve also seen the issue with being prompted to login, which doesn’t work. It seems that the correct way to update your profile is by clicking on your avatar - not on the 3 bars next to the avatar. Clicking on the 3 bars next to the avatar, then “update profile” brings up the non-working prompt to login.

Instead, click on your avatar, then click on the small profile on the far right, then click on “Preferences”. That will take you to the page to update your profile.

I hope this helps.


Hi Toby. I am using the app, I can try the browser. Not sure if I wanted to edit anything, just trying to get in there

Good idea Ross. If you can access that way, maybe change something and see it it take effect and revert it to what it was afterwards. As I say in my experience, like a username change when I was messing about with that Poll, I did find it was necessary to log out of this environment for the change to be picked up. :sunglasses:

I went to Justin guitar main site and managed to change my profile pic. Then came back to the app, logged out and in again and it worked. Thanks for the help :slightly_smiling_face:

No problem Ross. I’ll see what John comes back with but sounds like there may be an issue with making the changes from a mobile using the app. Might need to add it to the issues list but I’ll reach out to a couple of folks I know are using phones.




Just thought after Tom posted this (see below), were you also using the two options in the hamburger menu (yes I had to ask but you may be more savvy, the three bars) ? I see they are directing the the dev server, so I will check the New Issues Category and if necessary add an new entry, You ned to click on your avatar, top right, then the head and shoulder silhouette, then Preferences. That throw up a huge

Edit your password, avatar, and username in your JustinGuitar dashboard.

box. Hit Edit MY Information and that will redirect to the main website and you can amend what you need to. When you come back here, just log off and on, which should then show the new details.



@TheMadman_tobyjenner Hmmm… I learned something new… :hamburger: menu eh? I’m afraid my age is showing… That’s probably what I get for avoiding all that social media stuff :roll_eyes:




I did not have a scooby about that either. When we jumped on board for the beta testing, there some irritating bot thing (guess you all get that as well) chucking info at me and talking about beef burgers and what not. A few of the Dirty (Bakers) Dozen seemed to know what it was I had to google it. Its a Three Bar Menu !! If that were a hamburger I’d complain the buns were flat !!
Leave all that for the youngster I say :

Did it work? Am I Darth Vader with an Axe Bass throwing the horns? Awesome! All is calm in the world now.

Thanks Toby!