Under the Bridge

Beginner grade 1 here. Love this song.


Really nice Christopher. You got that RHCP sound spot on. Look forward to hearing more.

Best not to learn the habit of resting your left arm on your leg Christopher. Nice tones.

Welcome Christopher,
Good first post :sunglasses:, and maybe an introduction? :blush:
Nice start with good sound, and then what Maggie says.

Very nicely played! Where did you get the tab from? I’d love to have a go at that.

Welcome to the Community, Christopher. That was short and sweet. Hope to here a longer version in due course.

Good job! :raised_hands: It sounded clear and sweet :blush:

That’s a great start! Can’t wait to hear more.

Agree with the posture comments.

Hi Chris:

Great job playing the intro of the song. I really like that song too-one of my favorites from red hot chili peppers. I haven’t tried playing it yet though. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to hearing more of your music.


Well there is a RHCP vibe right there. That was great, Christopher. 15 seconds is just too short. I was getting ready to sing and then it stopped.

Great stuff for grade 1.

Welcome Chris, that was a tantalising tease ! More please, especially as you did that little intro some fine justice. Oh and pay attention to @batwoman no rest for the wicked and that was a wicked soupcon that I trust you will follow up ?

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