Understanding Music Notes

Understand music notes with these music theory basics all guitar players should know!

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Hi all,
just a comment on the note circle.
I was trying to memorise the circle and relate it to the fret board as in the accompanying notes i.e. A is the first letter on the circle and is the first fret etc. For some reason I just kept mucking it up until I rotated the circle one spot to the right. It instantly made it clearer and easier to remember.

It turns it into a clock face. A is the first note, it is in the 1 o’clock position and the 1st fret on the board, A# is second at the 2 o’clock and 2 on the board, all the way around to the G# at number 12 at the 12 o’clock position and 12 on the board. Now I just have to remember the order and the associated number of the clock and the fret board becomes automatic.

Anyway it worked for me , hope it helps someone else too.


For anyone wondering about the german H, this is due to the way B flat and B interact with the note C. B flat is “softer” and B is “harder”, so they were called hard and soft B, and then B became H for hard B and Bflat is just called B in german.

see y’all around

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Is that an American thing or a Piano thing? I had a Chinese piano teach from China teach me it’s a half step because you are playing the black key instead of the jumping over to the white key.

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Welcome to the forum Thomas. It must be a piano thing because there are no Black keys on a Guitar :wink: