Understanding the Donation System

At JustinGuitar, we believe that good things come to good people. That’s been Justin’s mantra his entire life, and that’s how JustinGuitar took form!


I’ve been donating every month for I think around 4 years now. It’s not a large amount, but it works for me as sometimes months can go by when I don’t do anything on the site. If it was a more traditional subscription model I probably would have thought twice about subscribing given the sporadic nature of my playing, but the donation model works just perfectly and I feel happy to be able to support Justin & his team help to make the lessons available to all.

I’ve also bought a number of jam track albums, the blues course, 4 printed songbooks and two apps.

Keep up the amazing work team!


I agree with Jhob 100%. I started learning just over 4 years ago and it’s all been due to a journey with Justin and his team. I love the way the lessons flow. I don’t do as many lessons now as I used to but I still pay my monthly donation to support this fantastic learning programme. I applaud Justin and his team for what they have achieved with such limited resources. I encourage anybody who reads this to chip in if you can. Even the price of a cup of coffee on regular basis will help. Like Jhob I have also bought quite a few books and “behind the paywall” courses ( the best is the music theory course !!). I’m approaching 70 years of age and never thought I would be able to learn to play the guitar. You know what? I wouldn’t have been able to without Justin and his team. :clap: and it’s actually cost very little other than a small regular donation. So come on everybody…if you can afford to please support this wonderful initiative, you will feel better for it!


Hello Justin and team!

I tried the paid app. I wanted to like it… but I much prefer the larger screen my laptop provides, and didn’t personally see a benefit in the app over the free content on the website.

SO, I began making regular $10 monthly donations in lieu of continuing to pay for the app. I’ve used patreon in the past for other YT educators, and it feels good to actually provide a monetary “Thank You!” to those who do this without charging.

I’ve used JamPlay a number of years ago - Didn’t go back because it was just like drinking from a fire hose. I’ve also had in-person guitar lessons and I learned a ton in the 10 months I did that, although it wasn’t cheap. I really benefit from a linear roadmap when I learn or practice a hobby. JustinGuitar provides exactly that, and practicing guitar is now fun again.


I support Justin on Patreon because I think it is great what he offers and I also use the app, so two ways I hope to support this website.


I use Airplay to run the app on a 50 inch TV - I’ll bet your laptop isn’t THAT big :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Always good for a reminder to donate to the extent of one’s ability.

Those of us who can support Justin Guitar help Justin continue this work and help those who are less able to manage financially, something Justin cares about.

The value of this course is high. Even though I am playing 80% classical that isn’t included in Justin’s course, I am still using the vast and comprehensive resource as well as this incredible community.

I strongly feel that it is Justin’s program, his attitude and this community that has kept me enjoying playing guitar for nearly two years now, with no signs of letting up.

Thanks, Justin and thanks everyone here!


I think Justin’s lessons are amazing, as are the other resources. I do a monthly donation (signed up for that a while ago).

I think anyone that could donate, should. The value here is immense.


I love the JustinGuitar pay-it-forward philosophy :slight_smile:
Thank you to Justin and the incredible team!
Having this amazing Community is awesome too (even though I try not to spend TOO much time on here :laughing: )

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