Update to Manhã de Carnaval

Not to long ago, I posted a video of my work on Manhã de Carnaval (or Black Orpheus), which I did on my acoustic guitar. In that video I was working through the chords/rhythm part. This time I have done another recording on electric at a slightly faster tempo, with both the chords and melody parts. I still have some work to do on my timing, I recognize that, but at some point you need to move on to new things, and me posting this video is putting closure to this song so I can move on to something else. Let me know what you think!

Updated, as per comments below!


Well done, sounds like time to move on to bigger challenges and to learn more!

Keep on a rock’n,

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This is a very nice song and you obviously put a lot of work in. One thing though: the melody lags one measure behind so you are not in sync and the melody sometimes clashes with the chords. I don’t know if that happened while you were playing or when you spliced the videos together.
The first note of the melody should start already before the first chord is played, so the second melody note (the C) should ring at the very beginning of the first Am chord, not the Bm7 chord, as in your video.
As this is difficult to time correctly I usually play the Am - Bm7 - E7 sequence (just the chords) twice and use that as an introduction. At the end of the second E7 (or E7b9) chord I play the first melody note (the E). Then everything else falls into place.
Here is a good example:

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Here’s another one, even the guitar gods do it this way :wink:

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Hmmm… you are right… I kind of messed that up somehow… I need to look at that :slight_smile: Good ear, and thanks for pointing that out. I am going to look at what I did and see how I can recover!

OK, I think I have things fixed… it actually involved me having to re-shoot the rhythm portion of the guitar, but I think I more-or-less have it correct for now :slight_smile:

This has been a good (and humbling) part of the learning process! Thanks again @jowidi for setting me straight.


Yep, you nailed it :slight_smile:

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Some tasty playing and tone, Damien. Most enjoyable.

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Hello Damien,
Really nice to listen to, I’m curious what the next thing you will be working on… have fun.
Greetings ,Rogier

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Thanks @roger_holland, I currently have two learning tracks going on. I am learning both bluesy/jazzy stuff, and hard rock/metal stuff. So I am currently working on a metal song from a metal rhythm guitar book I am going through as my metal song. In terms of my jazzy/bluesy stuff, I am not sure what I am going to tackle next. In addition to my Justin Guitar studies, I am working with a guitar teacher in person, and I think we are going to start working through a book of beginner jazz standards. So, probably something from that.

Well, that’s enough to keep you going for the coming decades :sunglasses:, I myself have a lot of fun and spend time with these lessons…
that 6th trick
But you must have looked around there already…

Justin changed the courses as I was in the middle of doing the intermediate program, so I am not exactly following the current recommended track. Right now I am working through this which used to come after part 1 of the intermediate program. When I am done with that, I will go back through the other new material to see what I missed.

That`s indispensable for a good start :sunglasses:, … I’m going to go through that again … once done everything (much too quickly), … the nice thing is that if I do something over again now it is a lot less heavy… have fun with this

Lovely changes on this song, and you played it well. I agree, you’re ready to move on to new challenges.

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That was really nice Damien. Great playing.

I’m looking forward to watching what you move on to.

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