UPDATED. Playing live on Wednesday, 2024-07-10

It was rough. I planned not to care and have a casual stream, play some tunes I rarely play, relax and have fun. It took me about 45 minutes to relax a little…

New link to the stream (I don’t know what happened to the old one):

Hello everybody,

I’m playing live on YT on Wednesday, July 10th, at
18:00 UTC
20:00 CET
14:00 EST
12:00 Mountain time

Please join me if you have an hour to spare.

UPD: Old link deprecated


That’s great Alexey, I will try to make it.

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:roll_eyes: :face_with_peeking_eye: :confounded:

0200 WST (Perth), Oh the pain of living in this time zone :sob:

I’m thinking if it’s on Youtube I can watch it after but let’s see if I can muster a 2am rise and have a listen. :crossed_fingers:

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Unfortunately I will attend another concert this evening, so I won’t make it. All the best!

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I hope to listen in on this. The best of luck to you and I hope it goes well.

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I don’t think it 's worth your sleep :slight_smile:
It will be recorded. I also think, there are a couple of such streams recordings already on my YT channel… One was with a classical guitar and I wore a suit, he he…


Good to hear!

Nothing wrong with that!!

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It was uncomfortable, and I look uncomfortable :slight_smile:
Not a suite person


Oh, that’s exciting, Alexey :star_struck:.
I’ll try to make it :smiley:.

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Don’t be too hard on yourself., sounding pretty good on my headphones.
I’ll have to catch-up on replay for you upcoming performance, but hopefully all goes well … :sunglasses:

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Hey Alexey,

Great live stream. No, I didn’t haul myself out of bed at 0200 to watch live but thoroughly enjoyed it today. My feed was a bit jerky which was a shame, might have been our internet today but still really enjoyed the stream, I know that it is all relative and you are still on your journey of improvement but for those of us floundering around down at the beginners end it is b@#$%y awesome, well done.

Great back story at around 1’20" it was great to hear the story of the guitar and the meeting with Tommy, what a moment that would be :ok_hand: And you certainly seemed to relax more once you were into it and well underway.

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Thanks :blush:
Yes, the video feed seems to be not smooth. The sound is ok though.
I had many issues with the YouTube this time. And video on my test stream was much better.

Ok, I thought it was my end. Yes the guitar sound was good. The speaking was a bit quiet, could have been louder.

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