Updated topic notifications for old posts

Sorry if my topic title is confusing.

I frequently login to the JG Community website and find updated topics sitting above the red line. However, when I view them, the last post is often from 2022. Just now I saw the topic “How to Play Melody on the Guitar” which was apparently updated 42 minutes ago, but upon reading it, the last post was in June 2022.

Also, I occasionally login and see notifications advising me that I have just earned my first like or just posted my first link, or similar; yet these events happened well over 12 months go.

What’s happening here?

That’s an odd one.
Silly question; are your clockings runnign well? :smiley:

Have you tried this on another browser?
If so, can you let us know what the result is there?

(try a computer if you were on mobile device)

It was me and there is no need for alarm or to check anything.

I have been tidying up, moving posts to more suitable areas of the community. When that happens they appear at the top. Any sort of admin work on a topic moves it to the top.


Thanks Richard. So presumably if the topic that is moved contains a member’s first like/quote/link/etc, that person will get another “first” notification?