Updating old premium courses?


You mentioned in your newsletter that you’re updating some of your old DVD courses like your Blues ones. If we’ve already bought the one ones, will we have to pay again when the new one is up or does our ownership carry over?

I have no insight about your question, I just came in to say that I saw the newsletter and would be really interested in the updated Blues course. An easy purchase for me, hopefully we don’t have to wait too long.

Old one is also with it. My only complain is that all 12 examples are in the key of E. I think it would be cool to get example songs in A, G, C, and D as well or at least A and G

Since the new strumming sos course replaced the old strumming techniques course then I would say that the same would be applied…it does not carry over.

Hey hey… good to see you getting the blues bug :smiley:

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Heck yeah, Blues and classical guitar are in my queue. If I burn out from rock (no signs of it happening yet) I plan on picking one of these up. Blues is more transferable to rock and metal, but classical guitar just sounds so beautiful to me.

Regardless, if Justin re-did his blues course, I’d pick it up immediately.

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The DVD course being referred to is the old 3-disc set with 9 study pieces of solo acoustic fingerstyle blues playing.
Justin has plans not just to redo / update it but to completely overhaul, improve and expand the content.
It will require a new purchase just as Strumming SOS did even for people who purchased RUST 1 and 2 previously.


Can’t wait to see that blues course! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Make sense. I still recommend the old course, but I hope when Justin redoes it he varies it a bit from 9 studies all in E. The key of E is great, and I get the logic of learning different styles in one key carrying over. Still it would be great to learn stuff in A, C, G, or D as well

I have a suggestion for the new blues course: include some well-known traditional songs: Key to the Highway, Trouble in Mind, St. James Infirmary, that kind of stuff. No knock on Justin’s composition chops, but learning to play classic blues tunes would be a big plus.

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