Upgrading to a bone nut?

Hey all,

Just wanted to ask this here since I don’t really have anybody in my life I can ask in person.

I pre-ordered the SE model Silver Sky and I was watching some videos/reading threads on reddit and a few people mentioned upgrading the synthetic nut on it to a bone one. I’m wondering what peoples opinions are on how good of an upgrade this might be? In the same vein, if I were to upgrade would it be better to figure out the measurements and order a pre-made bone nut, or get a custom made one?

I was reading that bone nuts change the sound acoustically, so I’m also wondering if it would be better to put this bone nut on my acoustic? I would likely only do it to one guitar for a while, if beneficial at all.

Thanks for your help!

A lot depends on what kind of synthetic nut it is. Bone isn’t necessarily an upgrade. Being a natural material, it can be inconsistent, with soft and hard spots. A good synthetic, like tusq, is consistent throughout.


I would just pop in to a luthier and ask their opinion. If they see the guitar and the current nut it has, they can fit the new one to the guitar easily.

I second that.
Perhaps @Hw782 have a look at Graphtech’s Tusq and Tusq XL nuts. It could help you reach a more informed decision.
Mind you, the slots in Graphtech’s nuts might be OK (depends also on your string gauge) but the nut will definitely be taller and will need quite a lot of sanding to bring down to where it should be. So there will be some manual labour involved even with a pre slotted nut.

As @Lefteris says, there not a drop in fit they are just rough shaped. You almost need a set of nut files to get the action height right and files are quite expensive. I would say unless it’s got a plastic nut I wouldn’t change it. Synthetic is not the same as plastic.


From what I can find the SE Silver Sky has a ‘synthetic bone’ nut. Sounds like I’ll be sticking with it.


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