Useful site for learning notes on the neck

I’m currently working on learning the notes on the neck and came across this really useful site for generating random notes to test me out. I set it at a low bpm (something like 40) - it has an option so that it gradually increases. At the moment I’m working on pairs of strings - for example, the bottom two strings and I jump between them for the 4 beats. Eventually I will move up to 3, 4 and then all 6.


Great recommendation. I’ll check that out.

I’ve been using the free version of the app “Fretonomy” from my phone. Pretty nice for drilling on notes at free moments. Depending on your setup, you may enjoy checking that out as well.

That does look useful but I am not on Google/Apple so am limited to web-based stuff.

Does it do metronome-based testing? I read or heard somewhere on the internet (so it must be true) that having that slight stress of keeping to a beat makes you learn faster.

Justin also has an excellent free note trainer app.

Yes, looks good but I must be the last person left in the world without a smart phone.


If you’ve a computer that you can install software on, you may get some milage out of using an Android emulator on your computer. I haven’t done this for a number of years, but it worked well last time I tried. Bit of a process for learning to get that installed and working smoothly.

On the other hand you’ve got a good lead already for a web-based note trainer. Not sure that I’d bother with an emulator just to find a replacement for that.

Either way, best of luck learning notes around the fret broad! I’m just starting in on triads which has added a great practical application of knowing notes on those thinner strings :slight_smile:

Thanks - I will look into emulators. I see there are some options for Ubuntu.

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There are dozens of us (who refuse to use phone apps), dozens! :grin:

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How is fretonomy if you ever used the payed version?