Users can edit JG Lesson Specific Topic Titles. That's not right!

Yep, applies to the Grade categories also.

@adi_mrok you have to manually set your title in your profile if you want everyone to see your trust level. You have Regular.

Edit: testing something. Test test 1, 2, 3.

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Good to know but I won’t pull any ranks on anyone not fussed about it, I prefer to live in a dystopia where everyone is equal :grinning:



Houston we have a problem.


I raised this issue during the beta test. Regular gives way too many permissions that an average user has no business having.

Would be best to either delete the rank altogether and have everyone stop gaining levels at Member, or if the mods need help doing house keeping around the place promote Members to Regulars manually.


You raise 'em, I raze 'em :wink:


I’ve just been able to change Love Me Do by The Beatles to Love Me Don’t.

I’ve changed it back.


I’m on it, getting Ben in the loop since these topics are created automatically when lessosn are publishedon the site.


Makes sense, but I’m kind of with @SS7 on this one.
I don’t think we should be going around editing other members’ posts (even if I seem to be the only one doing it, sigh… :roll_eyes:)
Why do we need the Regular category?
We’ve established there’s no free booze in the private lounge areas, and I’d prefer to see the now Three moderate musketeers running around recategorising, editiing and using special-powered flags than vigilantes/regulators like me :laughing:

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Well you’ve certainly done it this time :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

At least you’ve inadvertanly done some good in highighting a major issue so kudos for that.


Good suggestions to turn off the “regulars trust level” .
I did that for now.
Can you test again, to make sure?

Yup, it’s like Kryptonite… my powers have gone :unamused:
Although I was still able to edit the title of this post. Can anyone do that? Is there a reason for it?
(I’ll change it back now :wink:)

My powers have gone too! And I can’t edit the title of this post either.

I can’t anymore :+1::+1: 20 characters

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Ah, I see why:
@Richard_close2u split this off from a different post of mine so it’s still my post.
(Yay, I can continue messing in this smaller pond at least :laughing:)

I hope we get some extra benefits now in the special private lounge area to compensate for having our super powers snatched away from us before we’ve even had a chance to plan our world domination!

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And before I finally realize what I could have done and create :tiger:… it’s over already :grimacing:

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Wow I missed all the fun !! Just as well you’ve inhibited the function, in case we have any

Sleeping Troll

Thanks guys, a real delight to have you all helping out, suggesting solutions and testing them!

It was to be expecated that the trust levels would have some issues to tweak, even though I want over them in detail. it’s the scenario’s you don’t imagine right away that create learnings ^^

that lounge? goh… how about “backstage passes” if you come watch a Point Fifty show? :smiley:


Oh yes please, plus a seat in your private jet sent to get me to the gig. :laughing:

I haven’t found it what am I missing? Is proper tea served there? Fine bone china pot, proper leaves, filtered water etc. I spit out anything less.

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