Using App with Bluetooth - Tabs/music out of sync

I got a new amp with bluetooth and connected to the song app. Looks like there is a bluetooth latency issue were the music runs ahead of the scrolling of the chords on the TAB.

Using an audio cable connected between the amp and my tablet resolved the issues. So if you are having any issues with chords being out of sync with the music it could be a bluetooth issue.

Wanted everyone to be aware and if you have an issue try using an audio cable directly to you amp and if that work please post on this thread.

I did not have this issue with the bluetooth connection on my other amp so I gues it depends on the amp that you use.


Not per se a problem with the app but more with the Bluetooth protocol/standard being used. It would suggest the amp is possibly using an older standard. I believe - I’ve now doubt Keith will have this at his finger tips - the new standard (Bluetooth 5) is a low latency (compared to 4.2) so would probably work better. Worth checking in your manual to see if this is the case. If it is you could overcome this by getting a bluetooth dongle that has that standard and plugging into your aux on the amp if it has one OR as you’ve done use it cabled.

Agree that is not an issue with the app. I just wanted to let folks know incase they encounter an issue.
I’m ok using an audio cable.