Using Dark Mode

Hi guys,

One of the major Usability topics since our migration (to this current Discourse platform) has been Dark Mode. When you set to “Dark Mode”, you set the color scheme of your application or site to dark colors to go easier on your eyes. This is useful especially at night. This is achieved by using mostly dark gray and “near black” colors instead of white.

We had some issues from early on with the Dark Mode and our developer Kris has been working and testing with it recently.

This is what we would like you to try if you want to switch to Dark Mode:

Step-by-Step for Dark Mode/Setting Preferences

  • Go to Preferences → Interface;

  • There are two fields under Color Scheme - Regular and Dark Modes. They refer to your user system’s selected color scheme. If you use a light theme on your operating system (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS), the selected color scheme from the Regular dropdown will be used.
    If your system is set to Dark Mode, then Dark mode’s dropdown selection will be used.

  • If you want to keep the same theme regardless of the operating system, set the regular dropdown to either Light or Dark theme and the Dark Mode dropdown to “Same as regular.” You can set Regular as Light or Dark, but Dark mode can only be set to Dark or “Same as regular.”



ok testing now , I can actually see and read text !

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I get the same as before the blue text is impossible to See. You need to change the color of the text.

It look good on the latest page. Change the text in the posts to be the same color as on the latest page

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I would definitely use this, but yes the blue text is not the right colour. Some of the buttons, like attach image to post and edit post buttons are white, and the JG logo top left is also a white background. Neither of those are a major issue but it makes the page look a little sloppy. Text is definitely the biggest thing to change imo.

Screen grabs for reference, Apple iPhone as the platform.

It doesn’t stick! You can change prefs to dark Mode but if you close it down and come back it’s back to Default!!

I still have the problem that the text in posts is dark blue on a black background that is impossible to read. Surely this can’t be what people want. Can anyone read this?

There is a “Save Changes” button towards the bottom of the page.

try a ctrl-r or shift f5

Ok. Didn’t see that.

Just tried dark mode pn my phone and it’s horrible. You can’t read the blue text.

Dark mode is working ok on my iPhone. The text is white. The only gripe I have is that the post count doesn’t show. It’s ok on the top post but as I scroll down a white curtain slides across it covering it up!!

I concur that the blue text is pretty much unreadable, but apart from that this is a positive step and seems to work well. I think the buttons will need some work - they probably should be just white outlines with text and replace the white shaded background with dark shade.

Dark theme is something created side by side light theme by the designer, not sure how much of this can be fixed without using one.

Quick findings

  • logo still in native colour (should be negative).
  • Gray description text is not validating WCAG 2.0 requirements (is 3:49, should be at least 4:1 for normal text).
  • Plenty of high contrast components like CTA’s, icon containers that could be toned down.

I tried refreshing my browser, clearing cookies, and even used a different browser. I’m still getting blue text in posts on my iPhone.

Rob, how do you have dark mode set up?
I have it set:-

Regular box = ‘Dark’
Dark mode box = ‘Same as regular’

I have white text.

I have the same settings. It works on my laptop (I get white text), but does not work on my iPhone (I get blue text).

I’m still getting dark blue text on a grey background on PC using Firefox. Unusable.

Hey everyone! We just updated the Dark Theme, which should work well on mobile and desktop devices. Could you please check and give us some feedback? Thank you!

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@larynejg it’s working on windows 10 computer using Firefox as a browser.
A lot easier on the eyes. Thanks