Using Octaves To Find Notes

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I am really confused regarding playing octave shape 4,3,2,1 Confusion is regarding what to mute while playing octave shapes. Unable to see justin sir finger clearly in video. Do I need to mute or note .

Octave Shapes |

Playing Octave Shapes |

in both link justin sir talked about it. Do see first video in which he was talking about shape 4,3 etc
i want to know which string to mute. i am confused regarding mute .
do i have to strum all strings while playing octave shapes ?

Hi Saloni, beyond my play grade those octaves but from what I can see is on the learn more section of the webpage you have the chord diagrams for the octave shapes. The strings to be muted are those marked X. As for muting them for shapes 5 and 6 this is detailed in the learn more section on the second link you posted. Shapes 1 and 2 are omitted as they are not practical to be played because the fretted notes are to far apart. For shapes 3 and 4 Justin shows muting the strings not to be played using the 1st finger.


When using the octave shape, is there a recommendation for how to identify the notes that have two names? I tend to think in terms of going “up” to a higher fret and that makes me want to use the sharp note nomenclature. But playing blues in F has trained me to think B flat.

All depends on what key you play in and if it’s easier to reqd it in b or #, if just guessing notes then it doesn’t really matter. I reckon # keys might be more popular than b’s?

This lesson was awesome for learning more of the fretboard, I already knew 3 of the 4 octave shapes but for whatever reason hadn’t connected to using them to figure out notes, more than I was playing them at times.

Great lesson, I feel enlightened!

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Yeah, I was the same mate! :joy: Been playing Octaves for years and hadn’t made that connection in terms of learning the fret board :person_facepalming::sweat_smile: This lesson connected the dots and now so much of the fret board seems easy :sunglasses::+1:
Literally only looked at that lesson a day or two ago, so eyes are now wide open :smiley::wink:

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