Using processor on a amp

Being a novice with electric guitar and amps etc i have a Boss Katana mk2 50 and recently was on youtube looking at processors on a small budget. I came across a review on a Valeton GP 100 which looked good but its come to my attention that processers or loopers can not be used on a Katana 50 mk 2…is this true? Maybe made a mistake not buying the katana 100

Hi Joe, welcome to the forum

That pedal is in effect a modelling amp itself (and AI and looper), and the Katana is (kinda) a modeling amp itself.

The worst you can do with it is put the katana on a neutral setting and plug your guitar into this pedal then that into the katana and it should all work. Trying to combine the effects of both might be tricky but I think you would just end up using the pedal as the brains (or unplug it entirely)

I agree with Rob: there’s no reason you can’t use an external FX processor with the Katana.

In fact it’s known to take external pedals very well.

When it comes to loopers, it is true that the Katana 50 and loopers do not get on well, but that assumes you are wanting to use the onboard effects on the Katana.

The Katana isn’t the only culprit here: any amp with on-board effects and no effects loop will have this issue. The Katana is probably the most popular amp of this type in recent years.

But if you use an external FX processor, there’s no problem at all. And many such processors will have an onboard looper



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ok, see if i can understand what you are saying. The processor should be fine as long as i only use the processor and not try and use the effects of the Katana as well. So i am basically switching off or turning down all the dials on the katana and just using the processor?
i know the Katana and tone studio have many effects and some wopuld argue why use a pedal, but i am thinking what if i dont wanmt to use a PC to access effects, wouldnt the processor be easier to use? Thanks for you advise

Hi Majik, see my reply to Rob. Thanks for your reply.

Thereas no reason you count also use the katana effects but it could have odd results and it wont be included in any looper stuff on the pedal.

I would set the katana to relatively clean whatever that is, with bass/mid/treble mid way etc

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Normally external processors will be easier to use, in that you can usually access all of the controls on the device itself, rather than using PC software.

On the Katana, you have very limited access to the effects without using a PC or app.

Another reason to use an external processor is that it then makes it possible to use a looper.



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thank you