Using S.M.A.R.T to work towards playing like James Wilsey (Chris Isaak's guitarist)

I recently watched Justin’s video on S.M.A.R.T guitar goals. Really got me thinking about what i want to achieve (incredible how directionless i was).

I think the type of playing I’m drawn to is the dreamy surf/rockabilly sounds of link wray, santo and johnny and most recently the incredible james wilsey from Chris Isaaks’ Silvertones.

What i want help with is how do you think i should approach learning that style where i can improv those kinds of solos? I have a dream 65 and a strat so it’s not tone/effects im worried about. More what sort of techniques, scales and theory i should be learning to help move towards the goal of playing that style.

Any help appreciated.

Hi Steve,
It depends on what you can already do and how far you are in the Justin teaching material… normally I say, start with grade 1 to grade 3, that is the basics that every guitarist should master for almost every style and definitely what you want (I started watching/learning surf 2 weeks ago) :smiley:

But start at the beginning, it sounds simple, but sticking to it is difficult, in between you will see which song suits your level and you will soon supplement Justin’s song suggestions or replace some with the style you like, but the technique that you learn in the first 3 grades is invaluable for every style :sunglasses:

Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses: