Using The Blues Hybrid Scale

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Very interesting information. If pattern 1 (pentatonic scale) with hybrid 1 (pentatonic scales) exists, does pattern 2 exist with something like hybrid 2. And so on like pentatonic scale pattern 3 with hybrid 3. Or do we just need to focus on the scale 1 - hybrid 1? Thanks in advance. Kind regards Dirk

Hi Dirk yes you can add the flat 5(blue note) to all the patterns

I guess adding the 2nd and the 6th to the minor pentatonic will make this scale more chord specific ?! I.e. you better play the chords and need to watch out for clashes. The 6th played in a Amin penta on an A7 chord increases the tension due to it is a half step from the b7 tone in the A7 especially in the same octave !? Thus use the 2nd and the 6th more as passing notes if to use them ?
What does the teacher say ?