"Victim of Changes" - Judas Priest

Well, here we are, last practice before this year’s bike week shows. Our new, new sound guy (last one flaked on us) is straight from Britain and has been doing sound for 40 years. He’s ready to jump in the fire though, he’ll be there for the show this Friday. I will definitely have videos for that.

Here’s Judas Priest’s Victim of Changes from the last practice before the show. I don’t know how my guitarist does it but he starts the long solo with a one-handed hammer-on/trill thing, then keeps that going while he taps the whammy bar. He floors me with his ability sometimes.

The bass I’m using is an 5-string Iron Label with Geezer Butler’s black strings put on. No fret dots, all black electronics, just oozes metal. I love it, it has a very guttural tone. I had Sweetwater install an active/passive switch but they butchered it so it only works in passive mode but it’s got such a sweet set-up I’m gonna use it for the show anyway.

To think 11 years ago I started coming to this site feeling accomplished playing scales. This is all literally thanks to Justin’s site.

Enjoy. And if you’re near New Hampshire, we’ll be at the Hawg’s Pen on the 10th of June.


Sounds great, John. Wish you well for the upcoming gigs. The bass is cool indeed.

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Your new sound guy sounds like a treasure. You’ve come a long way John. Have fun at the gig.

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You guys are really good. Good luck with the gigs!

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Excellent stuff there John. You guys really know how to rock it. :metal: :metal:

I hope your gigs go well.

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Oh yeah!! Sounding well prepped, best of luck for your performances!

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Hi John,
It’s all coming together now, innit?
You guys are as tight as your singers new haircut :laughing:
Black bass blasting along like a stealth bomber
Looking forward to the big show.
Switch phasers to Kyll! :metal: :sunglasses: :metal:

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Awesome stuff John.
You fellas are too cool for school. Hope you smash it at your upcoming gig.

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The new bass looks and sounds great John.

Ironic only a few weeks back I would have concentrating on what’s happening the other side of the stage. So can you respectfully ask your singer to stop standing in front of you, so I can see what you are up to !! Great track and loads of energy as always, I am sure you will Kyll it at the gig. Best of luck and don’t forget the videos !



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Wow, great live performance, all the musicians of your band are just great, guitar, bass, drums and of course the vocalist, he perfectly conveyed the authentic vocal style!
Thanks for sharing
It is a pity that I am very far from the place where you perform concerts :slight_smile:


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Hi John,
That bass guitar looks really great(an emotion with heart eyes actually belongs … but also feels very inappropriate at the same time :joy:)…and as for that guitarist absolutely freaking good…
and wish you all a lot of fun at the show :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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The band sounds very tight. Great stuff, John. Hope the gig goes down well.

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Awesome stuff, and good luck on Friday!

Thanks for all the good wishes. The Friday show has been extended to include Saturday. His Saturday band had trouble or something, I noticed it on his page that the other shows cancelled last minute and called up the owner offering ourselves for both shows. We wouldn’t even need to tear down and set-up again. He agreed.

So now the shows are:

Fri 7-11
Sat 7-11

Thanks a ton for all the well wishes!

Rock and Roll!

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Another fine one John, good luck on your tour! I am sure you guys will rock those bikers out of their seats :smile: