Vidami Blue and the App

Does the Vidami Blue pedal work with the Lessons and Songs App as well as with


This is a good question as I am considering the Vidami Blue as well. It seems to be highly rated by a number of legitimate sources.
I suspect that it won’t work on the Lessons/Songs app without significant coding work. The L/S app still has the speed adjustment option.
Vidmai will have a problem with Justin Songs too since there is no audio which makes it not very useful with Justin Songs.
It’d still be interesting to know if the Justin team has any plans to work with Vidami to make it compatible.

There is an extension called Transpose which works pretty well with YouTube and even audio files on your computer - looping, speed adjustment.
It’s not “hands-free” like Vidami, but it can be useful.

Eventually, I will probably get the Vidami because it seems useful and well-reviewed


@PhillipF @Andrewjm

Hi both, unfortunately, the Vidami Blue pedal is not compatible with the app, we’re very sorry about this but if we get a lot more feedback requesting its compatibility we will look into adding it to the app :slight_smile: